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How to Naturally Increase Your IGF-1 Levels

How to Naturally Increase Your IGF-1 Levels

Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) is a completely natural hormone that your body produces. When you are first born, you already have a high amount of IGF-1 coursing through you, which explains why you grow so much and so quickly when you're a child.  

As you get older, your IGF-1 levels diminish, slowing your growth. These smaller levels could account for general fatigue, weakened muscle mass, decreased bone density, and more.  

So how do you fix these problems?  

Replenishing your IGF-1 levels with Nutronics products can certainly help to get the job done and if you'd like to enhance your IGF-1 levels with a little more help, it can be done in natural ways as well.   Here are a few tips we suggest to help get your IGF-1 levels even higher:

  1. Start working out — Strength training can help increase the flow of anabolic hormones in your body. Because of this, IGF-1 could help start growing muscle mass, putting more IGF-1 back into your body.
  2. Stop snacking before bed — If you often find your way to the refrigerator at night, stop. Natural levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) are most prevalent during the first couple hours of sleep. If you eat before sleeping, it can enhance the level of HGH in the blood, which can cause IGF-1 levels to diminish.
  3. Sleep more — 6 hours or less of sleep increases the likelihood of your body storing fat. By getting more rest, you can help stimulate IGF-1 production, which could help reduce fat and increase muscle.

Use Nutronics IGF-1 Plus products

If you're looking to boost your IGF-1 levels, you can start with our products. Our high-end, custom-formulated supplements can help enhance your IGF-1 levels. Help build muscle, help increase bone density, and help improve testosterone levels with Nutronics IGF-1 Plus spray today.

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