Deer Antler Spray and Muscle Growth

Deer Antler Spray and Muscle Growth

Deer Antler Velvet: The Missing Ingredient for Muscle Growth

If you routinely go to the gym, it’s likely that you’re also on the lookout for new strategies or supplements that will aid in building muscle. You’re not looking for shortcuts – just healthy, sustainable ways to bolster your workout results. Deer antler velvet, used for hundreds of years to promote overall health and wellness, may be just the extra kick you need as you pursue better muscular gains. Here’s what you need to know about deer antler velvet and muscle growth.

Deer Antler Velvet’s Effects

First and foremost, adding deer antler velvet to your regular workout supplements will maximize muscle gains. This is due to IGF-1, a natural protein found in deer antler velvet. The human body naturally produces IGF-1 which is also found in deer antler velvet and is highly potent. Your body produces most of its IGF-1 when you are young. From birth through your teenage years, IGF-1 is a crucial factor in normal, healthy development. The production of this substance continues at a fairly rapid pace up until your early 20’s, providing an anabolic effect. But, unfortunately for those who are pursuing muscle growth, the bell curve of IGF-1 production takes a sharp downturn once you enter your mid-20’s. Past this point, it’s necessary to supplement your workout with outside sources of IGF-1 if you’re seeking to increase your gains. Another benefit of deer antler velvet is sped-up recovery time. Lipid compounds found in deer antler velvet aid in several health/wellness aspects, including post-workout recuperation. They reduce inflammation while regulating blood pressure, glandular activity, hormone levels, and cellular growth. Less muscle inflammation mean less recovery time, and that means you’ll be back on the weights sooner. When you work out, you are essentially tearing muscle fibers, and as they rebuild themselves, muscle mass increases. This whole process is biologically known as hypertrophy. However, this only refers to the increased size of cells. There is another process called hyperplasia, which refers to the division and increased number of cells. IGF-1 is a key factor in kickstarting hyperplasia in the muscles – while your workouts increase muscle size, deer antler velvet goes to work and actually increases the number of muscle cells in the areas of your body targeted by your workouts.

Backed By Thorough Lab Testing

The link between deer antler velvet and muscle growth is laboratory-proven. Two studies are commonly cited when describing the power of this natural supplement. In the first, 18 men were entered into a double-blind, placebo-controlled strength training regimen for 10 weeks. Those who took deer antler velvet displayed greater power on lifts/presses and burned more fat than those on the placebo. A second study, conducted solely on veteran weightlifters, connected deer antler velvet with increased muscular torque, power, and aerobic performance.

Deer Antler Velvet & Muscle Growth – Don’t Miss Out!

If you’re ready to try the muscle-building power of deer antler velvet, look no further than Nutronics. All of our products use ethically sourced velvet from New Zealand, and they’ll bring you the healthy results that you’re looking for. Sign up for Autoship for huge savings, and rest easy with our 30-day, 100% money back guarantee. It’s time to help get the boost you’ve been missing. Order now:

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