Brain Health and Your Cardiovascular System

Brain Health and Your Cardiovascular System

People who are health and fitness conscious often place a lot of focus on their biceps or core muscles. However, they may be apt to forget the most important muscle in the body: the heart.

Your heart will do the most physical work of any muscle during your lifetime. With heart disease being the leading cause of the death in the U.S., striving for optimal cardiovascular (heart) health is nothing short of essential. Moreover, a study recently published in the Journal of the American Heart Association is now suggesting that taking care of your heart can benefit your brain as well.

The study involving 17,761 Americans found that those with healthy hearts were less likely to develop cognitive problems as they aged, such as memory loss or learning impairment. Researchers linked the subjects’ initial heart health with their mental functioning four years later. Study participants with the lowest cardiovascular health scores were more likely to struggle with activities involving memory, learning, or verbal fluency than those with more favorable heart health. In instances where a subject’s heart status wasn’t ideal, even having intermediate heart health was preferable to poor health. This study is just one more illustration of how cardiovascular health plays a critical role in brain health.

There isn’t an overnight remedy for better heart health; it is achieved through a series of smaller lifestyle changes that add up. One component worth considering is incorporating Deer Antler Velvet/IGF-1 Plus products into your life. IGF-1 has been shown to help promote better heart health. In a study led by Dr. Ping Wang at the University of California-Irvine College of Medicine, IGF-1 was found to contribute to a significant increase in the strength and efficiency of heart function. People with damaged hearts experienced an increase in blood pumped through their cardiovascular systems. IGF-1 also preserved the cardiac functioning for those who already had adequate heart health.

The American Heart Association cited an additional study by Sara Welch et al published in 2002 which suggested that IGF-1 could be used as an interventional treatment for congestive heart failure. In the study, IGF-1 appeared to improve the heart’s ability to contract and pump blood. More and more scientists and physicians are seeing the growing body of evidence for the potential benefits of IGF-1 on heart health.

With the new research on the connections between our hearts and brains, we now know that when we take care of our hearts, we are effectively taking care of our minds as well. All of us want to stay sharp as we age, and it would appear that another way to preserve our mental agility is to protect our heart’s wellness. To take one more step towards doing all you can to help promote good heart health, consider integrating Deer Antler Velvet products into your life. Using Deer Antler Spray/IGF-1 Plus products as directed is a simple way to help promote better overall wellness for yourself.

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