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IGF-1 and Anti-aging

IGF-1 and Anti-aging

IGF-1 Levels Decline As You Age

igf-1 levels decline with age

We all get older; that’s just a simple fact of life. However, we don’t all necessarily need to feel older. It can be frustrating to notice yourself slowing down with age or no longer feeling how you did a decade ago. However, no matter what others tell you, it truly IS possible to look and feel your best later in life.

Some of the common changes that people experience as they age include:

- Decreased energy

- Lower quality of sleep

- Worn out skin

- Memory issues

- Tired, achy joints

- Diminished strength and bone density

Did you know that Deer Antler Spray has properties that can support your body in fighting against ALL these factors? IGF-1, the powerhouse protein found in pure Deer Antler Velvet extract, has long been praised for its anti-aging properties.The reason it is often regarded this way is because of the incredible benefits that many individuals have experienced through incorporating Deer Antler Spray into their lives.

When you are born, your body has massive amounts of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1, or IGF-1. This hormone helps you grow and enhances basic functions of your body. As you get older, your IGF-1 levels decrease, which can lead to less energy, decreased immune functions, and diminished health overall. IGF-1 Plus supplements can help regain some of that vitality! By helping to enhance your body's functions with this all-natural supplement, you can help boost muscle mass, help enhance your immune system, and help work towards improving your health. 

Think about it: if you were able to improve upon all the aspects of your health listed above, wouldn’t it feel as though you had turned back the clock? But you don’t need to turn back time to experience these benefits. The truth is, you can feel healthy, energized, and amazing at ANY age. It’s never too late to start taking steps towards achieving your highest level of wellness.

A vast majority of IGF-1’s benefits relate to muscle development and performance. The hormone IGF-1 delivers glucose and amino acids into muscles while stimulating muscle DNA. This process results in muscular development in youth and muscle preservation in old age. Muscles and joints that feel better mean a body that feels better, leading to higher levels of activity and improved sleep, which in turn leads to increased energy. Much of overall wellness is achieved through this ripple effect; small but positive changes in lifestyle can result in huge benefits.

Of course, in addition to their physical strength, many people worry about losing some of their mental sharpness as they grow older. This is an understandable concern. The good news is that Deer Antler Velvet may be able to support your cognitive health as well. There is some research that suggests that the natural decrease in IGF-1 our body experiences as we age may have negative effects on our mental acuity. Naturally raising and maintaining one’s IGF-1 levels through taking Deer Antler Velvet extract can help promote improved memory, mood, and mental agility. By taking Nutronics Labs’ products, you are supplementing your body’s natural supply of IGF-1 and giving it the potential to function at the levels it did in the past. Help reeclaim your youthful vigor again with IGF-1 supplements from Nutronics Labs.

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