Elena Pirozhkova: Proud User of Nutronics's Sleep Miracle

Elena Pirozhkova: Proud User of Nutronics's Sleep Miracle

Elena Pirozhkova, award winning wrestler and U.S. Olympian, is a proud user of Nutronics Labs Sleep Miracle. When training for upcoming wrestling matches, Pirozhkova swears by its relaxing properties.

“I love Sleep Miracle!," said Pirozhkova about the Nutronics product. "It helps me fall asleep after long, hard practices…and makes adjusting to time zones a lot easier when traveling for international competitions.”

Pirozhkova was born in Russia, but was raised in Greenfield, Massachusetts from when she was 3 years old. She has wrestled regularly in the 63 kilogram weight division since 2008. Along the way, her family struggled to make ends meet. Her father would regularly work odd jobs just to support his 9 children.

It was her older brother, Viktor, who convinced Elena to get into wrestling. When a spot opened up on Viktor's wrestling team, he pushed to get her into the 112-pound weight class. Though she had an initial hesitance about it, she began to make a name for herself with many victories.

When she graduated from high school in 2005, she almost stopped wrestling. However, a fateful encounter with a wrestling coach ended with an invitation to train in Colorado Springs to prepare for the Olympics.

Pirozhkova ended up making her Olympic debut in 2012 in London. While she did not medal, her performance was enough to merit continuing training and moving forward to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Pirozhkova also won her weight class in 2016 when qualifying for the Olympic Trials prior to her competing in the games.

Outside of her competitions in the Olympics, Pirozhkova has medaled in many world championships. She won a bronze medal in 2013 in Hungary, silver medals in Russia and Uzbekistan in 2010 and 2014 respectively, and gold in Canada in 2012.

When not on the mat, Pirozhkova needs to rest and rejuvenate to prepare for upcoming matches. Because of her hectic schedule, Pirozhkova required additional aid, which is where the power of Nutronics Sleep Miracle comes in. With a couple sprays, the Sleep Miracle begins to work, giving the peaceful sleep that even the most powerful athletes will need.

If you're interested in sleeping like a champion, use the power of Nutronics Sleep Miracle for your next bout of insomnia. Contact our team and order your new bottle of Sleep Miracle today!

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