Vijay Singh Sues PGA

Yesterday Vijay Singh filed suit against the PGA Tour for "public humiliation and ridicule for months" with regard to his use of deer antler spray.

The suit comes in the wake of an investigation mounted by the PGA Tour into Singh's use of deer antler spray. Singh openly stated that he was using deer antler products in an interview with Sports Illustrated earlier this year, not realizing it was banned under the PGA Tour's anti-doping policies because it contains growth factor 1 (IGF-1). Singh stated that he was not aware deer antler spray contained any prohibited substances.

In a fortunate turn of events, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) lifted its ban on IGF-1 earlier this month, which then called into question the PGA Tour's decision to investigate Vijay Singh's use of deer antler products. Moreover, the Tour held Singh's winnings from 5 tournaments--almost $100,000--in escrow without authority while the investigation was in progress. Not only suffering the PGA Tour's official actions, Singh was subjected to name-calling by the public and press; he was called the "cheatin' Fijian" more than a few times.

With IGF-1 no longer on WADA's banned substances list, the PGA Tour had no option other than dropping the investigation against Singh. He responded on the day before the PGA Tour's flagship event, The Players Championship, by suing the Tour. He cited the inappropriate way in which the investigation had been handled. The suit was met by shock and surprise by the PGA Tour.

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