Ultimate Fighter Winner Diego Sanchez On Deer Antler Spray

Ultimate Fighter Winner Diego Sanchez On Deer Antler Spray

In our newest Nutronics Labs blog post, we'd like to highlight one of our strongest supporters (quite literally), UFC fan favorite Diego Sanchez.

Diego Sanchez is best known for being the winner of the 1st season on the popular television show "Ultimate Fighter". Since winning that title in 2005, Sanchez has gone on to have an impressive Mixed Martial Arts career, and is recognized as one of the best fighters in UFC history.

We are proud to have Diego Sanchez endorsing Nutronics Labs' products, as he was one of the first UFC fighters to publicly speak out in support of deer antler spray for training and recovery.

Sanchez said: "I am very grateful to have discovered Nutronics Labs’ Deer Antler Velvet spray, IGF-1 Plus! The recovery and healing benefits are like nothing I have ever experienced. After 10 years of professional mixed martial arts competition, I’ve learned that quicker recovery means more efficient training. Best of all, it is all-natural and is perfect for “professional extremists” like myself."

Diego Sanchez' go-to Nutronics Labs' product is "IGF-1 Plus Super Max" deer antler spray, one of the strongest products on the market which contains 200,000 nanograms of deer antler velvet. Sanchez has often used twitter to to praise the all natural product, tweeting:

For more information about Diego Sanchez's Nutronics Labs deer antler spray endorsement, visit our Testimonials page at: http://www.nutronicslabs.com/does-deer-antler-velvet-spray-work/

To learn more about Diego, and to stay up to date on his training and fight schedule, follow him on Twitter at @DiegoSanchezUFC.

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"We are pioneers in Integrative Medicine, blending the best conventional medicine with the best alternative therapies. Nutronics Labs Deer antler spray is a vital component of our holistic approach to healing patients."


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