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Ray Flynn Endorses Nutronics Labs IGF-1

Ray Flynn Endorses Nutronics Labs IGF-1

In our newest blog post, we'd like to feature a testimonial from a special person. Every month we receive dozens of deer antler spray testimonials from athletes, but this testimonial is very different as it comes from famed politician and ambassador, Raymond Flynn.

Ray Flynn is known for being the Mayor of Boston in the 1980's, then being appointed to be the U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican by then president Bill Clinton from 1993-1997. In addition to conquering these challenging career positions, Ray Flynn is also a known to be a strong athlete having played college basketball as well as being a successful marathon runner.

As a politician, athlete, and father of 6, it is no doubt that Ray Flynn has lead a busy lifestyle. Flynn tried Nutronics Labs deer antler spray with IGF-1, and had the following message for us:

"As the former Ambassador to the Pope and Mayor of Boston, slowing down has never been an option…and because of IGF-1, I haven't had to! I look and feel better and highly recommend IGF-1 by Nutronics Labs. Thank you, Rick Lentini and Nutronics Labs!" Ambassador, Ray Flynn
Ray Flynn is one of many people who have tried Nutronics Labs deer antler spray and become believers in the health benefits of IGF-1. If you have not yet tried our products, we encourage you do so! We'd love to hear how Nutronics Labs IGF-1 has helped you!

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"We are pioneers in Integrative Medicine, blending the best conventional medicine with the best alternative therapies. Nutronics Labs Deer antler spray is a vital component of our holistic approach to healing patients."

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