How to Keep Your Healthy New Year's Resolutions

How to Keep Your Healthy New Year's Resolutions

Some of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions are based in health and fitness, with losing weight being the most common resolution and staying fit/healthy ranking fifth. But studies also show that only 8% of people are actually successful in the resolutions they set! By January 8th, 25% of people have already dropped out and that number jumps up to 54% after six months, according to the University of Scranton’s Journal of Clinical Psychology.

So why is it that so many people are giving up on their healthy resolutions—and so quickly? Two of the most noted culprits are overcommitting and lack of organization. This means that people usually make resolutions that are too lofty and unrealistic, and they also don’t think of how they will execute them.

If your New Year’s Resolution has to do with increasing your health and wellness, we want to help you be successful! Here are some tips to keep you on track.

  • Focus on behavior changes. Most people’s resolutions focus on an end goal, like losing weight or getting healthy. However, these things don’t just “happen.” They’re the result of many small lifestyle changes. If you change your vague resolutions into something tangible like, “I will start bringing a healthy lunch to work twice a week instead of going out” or “I will bike 3 times a week,” you’re more likely to stick to it.
  • Don’t make too many resolutions. This may sound counterintuitive to bettering yourself, but you’re actually more likely to be successful if you make your resolutions manageable. If you have 5 major resolutions that require a lot of work, how will you have time to truly dedicate yourself to each one? Pick one or two things that are important to you and work on those.
  • Work your way up. As mentioned above, many people bite off more than they can chew when it comes to resolutions. If you expect to make a total 180 overnight, you’ll probably give up pretty quickly. For example, if you’re new to working out, don’t make a resolution to go to the gym for two hours every single day. You’ll get burnt out after the first week and stop going altogether. Start by getting active a few days a week and increase your exercise as you build stamina (and remember, rest days are important for your body to rebuild!). Think of how bodybuilders train: they don’t start out lifting the heaviest weight in the gym, they work to get there.
  • Stay organized. A big reason people are unsuccessful with their resolutions is that they lose track of them. Maybe they get busy and forget to hit the gym and then simply stop going altogether or they get stressed after work and pick up fast food instead of cooking. A great way to keep yourself on track is to schedule your workouts into your day. Technology is great for resolutions! There are tons of apps out there to help you get to the gym, eat a more balanced diet, or quit smoking.
  • Don’t go “all or nothing.” Again, if your resolutions are based in absolutes, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Some people stray from their resolution after a few weeks and think, “Well I already failed, might as well throw in the towel for the rest of the year.” If you slip up on a resolution, there’s no need to throw away all of 2015! Change is gradual and requires dedication.

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Norcross, John C., Mrykalo, Marci S., & Blagys, Matthew D. (2002). Auld lang Syne: Success predictors, change processes, and self-reported outcomes of New Year's resolvers and nonresolvers. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 58(4), 397-405.

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