IGF-1 Can Aid In Muscle Regeneration

IGF-1 Can Aid In Muscle Regeneration

We all know that our bodies have some level of power to heal themselves, but what if they were able to repair their own muscle tissue by regenerating it? A study conducted by scientists at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Institute for Regenerative Medicine in North Carolina set out to explore that very question. What they discovered was pretty incredible.

The study to be published in Acta Biomaterialia aimed to test the ability to recruit stem cells that can form muscle tissue to a small scaffold implanted in the subjects’ leg muscles. As it turns out, the research team found success by using proteins involved in cell communication and muscle formation to mobilize the cells. The protein with the overall greatest effect on cell recruitment? Growth Factor (IGF-1), the very same protein naturally found in deer antler velvet.

Dr. Sang Jin Lee, Ph.D., assistant professor of regenerative medicine and senior author of the study observed that, “The protein [IGF-1] effectively promoted cell recruitment and accelerated muscle regeneration.”

After several weeks, lab tests illustrated that the implanted scaffolds with IGF-1 had up to four times the number of cells in comparison to the plain scaffolds. The IGF-1 scaffolds also showed increased formation of muscle fibers. These amazing findings suggest that “in body” regeneration of muscle tissue may be possible by harnessing the body’s natural healing capabilities. IGF-1’s connection to this study could have something to do with how many people report that our Deer Antler Spray products help promote greater muscle growth and help aid in their injury recovery. It now appears that IGF-1’s strengths can be utilized on an even grander scale.

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s research programs are regularly ranked among the best in the country. This particular discovery could have huge implications for the future of medicine and injury treatment. Scientists are now planning to study whether the regenerated muscle is able to restore function as well. As more research develops, we are constantly impressed by how IGF-1 continues to exhibit additional healing properties and it makes us proud to be the #1 seller of Deer Antler Spray in the world.

Source: http://newswise.com/articles/research-in-rodents-suggests-potential-for-in-body-muscle-regeneration

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