Deer Antler Spray Helps Promote Faster Injury Recovery

Deer Antler Spray Helps Promote Faster Injury Recovery

For anyone with a wellness goal, whether it’s walking more each day or running a marathon, dedication and consistency are key. But sticking with a new routine can be difficult when you are losing extra days to muscle aches and exhaustion.

During exercise and physical activity, there is trauma caused to the muscle fibers in the form of microscopic tears sometimes referred to as “muscle injury.” This isn’t to say that you are actively harming your body; this is actually how your muscles grow and build. After experiencing these small muscle tears, your body begins to heal and repair the damage, leading to muscle growth. This type of “damage” to your muscles is actually positive; it is what allows you to build strength, stamina, and size.

However, we can all become more susceptible to harmful injuries as we age, or through doing more intensive physical training. It’s frustrating to lose days of activity because of injuries or sore muscles that need to recover.

The Growth Factor (IGF-1) found in deer antler velvet extract has been shown to have links to injury recovery, which is why Nutronics Labs products are so popular with athletes and anyone looking to lead a more active lifestyle.

In a 2008 study examining the effects of deer antler extract on healing wounds, researchers found that deer antlers appeared to help. Scientists looked at how the test subjects' wounds were affected by applying ointment made from deer antlers, and the results are pretty stunning. Researchers write, “In addition, the wound treated with a high concentration antler ointment, and the control closed completely at post-injury day 40, day 44 and day 60, respectively” (Gu, et al. 2008). This means that wounds treated with deer antler appeared to heal at a faster rate than those that weren’t.

Additional studies have also suggested that IGF-1 can help promote muscle cell repair. This may explain why deer antler spray is believed to help promote quicker recovery from injuries and the microscopic muscle tears caused by exercising, helping lead to greater muscle growth over time.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that maintaining decent health and wellness is integral to successfully recovering from injury or illness. A weakened immune system can slow down your recovery time or make even the simplest physical activity feel more demanding.

This is another area in which deer antler velvet extract/IGF-1 may assist you in reaching your wellness goals. One of the most significant discoveries about deer antler velvet was that it contains a small molecular protein which may help balance the immune system. A healthy immune system means a healthier lifestyle overall. When your immune system is at its strongest, you are able to put more energy into your wellness plan.

If you’re looking to improve your overall health and start feeling your best, Nutronics Labs carries a wide spectrum of Deer Antler Spray/IGF-1 Plus products designed to help you get there.

Sources: Gu, LiJuan."Effects of Red Deer Antlers on Cutaneous Wound Healing in Full-thickness Rat Models." The Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 21.2 (2008): 277-90. Web.

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