Deer Antler Velvet: The Missing Ingredient for Muscle Growth

Deer Antler Velvet: The Missing Ingredient for Muscle Growth

For anyone deeply invested in weight training, encountering a plateau in muscle growth is a common yet frustrating experience. Despite the unwavering commitment and rigorous routines, there are moments when the scales don't tip in favor of increased muscle mass as they once did.

This is where deer antler velvet spray steps in—a natural supplement that might be the breakthrough you need to gain muscle.

Understand that struggling to bulk up is a universal challenge faced even by professional bodybuilders. The human body is not engineered for endless muscle expansion. Muscle development is cyclical, meaning you will go through phases of growth interspersed with periods of recovery, no matter how often you hit the weights.

So, for those looking to optimize the growth phases, deer antler velvet is one of the best supplements gaining popularity on the market.

What Is Deer Antler Velvet?

Before we can explain how these supplements support the gains you're looking for, you need to know what deer antler extracts and supplements are made of.

Deer antlers are the fastest-growing tissue of any mammal, growing up to an inch per day during peak development. The blood vessels and nutrients inside stimulate rapid growth. When a male deer, elk, or moose grows new antlers, the growth is covered in a soft fuzz, or "velvet."

The velvet is then removed from the animal and made into the supplement (often a spray) known as deer antler velvet. The antlers are removed from the animal before they solidify and become bone, resulting in no harm to the animal it's harvested from.

IGF-1 And Athletic Performance

So, why is deer antler velvet so popular among bodybuilders and athletes? For starters, it contains IGF-1. Your liver naturally releases IGF-1 when it is stimulated by human growth factors created by your pituitary gland. One of the main benefits of IGF-1 is that it stimulates growth.

Your body produces most of its IGF-1 when you are young and is a crucial factor in normal, healthy development from birth through your teenage years. Production of this substance continues at a fairly rapid pace until your early 20s, providing an anabolic effect.

Unfortunately, for those who are pursuing muscle growth, the bell curve of IGF-1 production takes a sharp downturn once you enter your mid-20s. Past this point, it's necessary to supplement your workout with outside sources of IGF-1 if you're seeking to increase muscle mass.

In traditional Chinese medicine, deer antler velvet is known to aid in various health issues and improve strength, endurance, immune system function, recovery from injury, and overall health. It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-inflammatory compounds, and growth factors, including insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1).

What Are HGH Levels and How Do They Relate to IGF-1?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) are closely related to the body's endocrine system. They play critical roles in growth and metabolism.

The pituitary gland produces HGH and stimulates growth in almost all tissues, including bones and muscles. It works by stimulating the liver and other tissues to produce IGF-1. IGF-1, in turn, promotes the growth of cells and prevents them from dying too early, affecting various body functions, including growth and metabolism.

The relationship between HGH and IGF-1 is part of a feedback loop:

  • HGH stimulates the production of IGF-1, primarily in the liver.
  • IGF-1's effects on growth and metabolism are then mediated through its action on various tissues.
  • The level of IGF-1 in the blood also provides feedback to the pituitary gland and hypothalamus to regulate the production of HGH. The latter usually inhibits further HGH secretion to maintain balance within the body.

This means that HGH and IGF-1 levels are directly related: when HGH levels increase, IGF-1 levels typically increase due to HGH's stimulatory effects. Conversely, if the body detects high levels of IGF-1, it may reduce HGH secretion to prevent excessive tissue growth and metabolic disturbances.

How Deer Antler Velvet Supports Muscle Growth

IGF-1 and Growth Hormones

  • IGF-1 Role: IGF-1 plays a crucial role in muscle growth by stimulating protein synthesis and promoting the proliferation of muscle cells. This hormone acts on muscle tissues to enhance the uptake of glucose and amino acids, which are essential for muscle repair and growth. By increasing the availability of these nutrients in muscle cells, IGF-1 helps to facilitate the recovery process following exercise and contributes to the enlargement of muscle fibers.
  • Growth Hormone Mimicking: In addition to IGF-1, deer antler velvet contains other compounds that can mimic the effects of human growth hormone (HGH), further promoting muscle cell proliferation and regeneration. Human growth hormone is known for its anabolic effects, including increasing muscle mass while decreasing fat mass.

Nutrient Delivery and Anti-Inflammatory Effects

  • Improved Blood Flow: Some components in deer antler velvet improve blood circulation, enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles. This can improve exercise performance and speed up recovery times, allowing for more efficient muscle growth.
  • Reduced Inflammation: The anti-inflammatory properties of deer antler velvet can help reduce recovery time by minimizing inflammation in muscle tissues. This allows athletes and bodybuilders to train more frequently and with greater intensity, contributing to muscle growth over time.

Hormonal Balance and Support

  • Testosterone: Deer antler velvet can help maintain optimal testosterone levels, a hormone that plays a significant role in muscle growth and strength. Deer antler extracts can indirectly contribute to muscle development by supporting hormonal balance.

Deer Antler Spray for Recovery, Hypertrophy, and Hyperplasia

Enhanced Muscle Recovery

Deer Antler Velvet plays a pivotal role in shortening muscle recovery periods for athletes, thanks to its rich blend of growth factors, amino acids, and minerals. Notably, the lipid compounds within deer antler velvet are instrumental in post-exercise recovery. They contribute to reducing inflammation and assist in regulating blood pressure, hormonal balance, glandular functions, and cellular proliferation. The outcome is a significant decrease in muscle inflammation, enabling a quicker return to training activities.

Muscle Growth and Hypertrophy

Engaging in physical exercise involves micro-tearing muscle fibers, a process that, upon healing, leads to an increase in muscle mass. This biological phenomenon, known as muscle hypertrophy, refers to the enlargement of muscle cells. IGF-1, a component found in deer antler velvet, is crucial for supporting not only muscle hypertrophy but also hyperplasia, the next stage of muscle development.

Accelerating Muscle Cell Multiplication

Hyperplasia describes the process of division and subsequent increase in the number of muscle cells. IGF-1 plays a critical role in initiating hyperplasia within the muscles. So, while your workout regimen aims to enlarge muscle size, deer antler velvet operates on a cellular level to augment the quantity of muscle cells in the targeted regions to further enhance muscle development and strength.

Additional Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet

Not all of the deer antler velvet benefits will appear when you're flexing in the mirror. In addition to building muscle, deer antler velvet supplements can offer additional benefits, helping to:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Reduce swelling
  • Increase stamina

But that's still not all! Whether you're bodybuilding or participating in other athletics, our IGF-1 spray or other deer antler velvet products can help heal cartilage and tendon injuries more quickly. Therefore, you can heal the parts of your body surrounding the muscle while increasing your muscle size.

Plus, IGF-1 is also associated with neurotropic (new brain cell growth) mechanisms. Neurotropics create more mental clarity and positive cognitive performance.

Scientific Evidence and Research on Deer Antler Velvet for Bodybuilding

By Alex Duarte, Ph.D. and John Abdo

In 1989, fitness expert John Abdo, who hosts a nationwide TV fitness show, visited the Institute of Physical Culture in Moscow for an intensive two week investigation of the training programs of Russian athletes. At that time, John met with former Soviet weight-lifting champion Victor Sheynkin and training expert Yuri Verhoshansky.

Sheynkin, who weighed only 132 pounds, could snatch over 286 pounds and clean & jerk over 360 pounds (both overhead lifts) and had become a Soviet Olympic coach, while Professor Verhoshansky had masterminded numerous strength and conditioning routines for Soviet athletes since the early 1950s.

Later, in the United states, John met with Dr. Alex Duarte, who has been a pioneer in the movement to persuade athletes to replace the use of steroids with natural, safer products capable of promoting strength, endurance, and improved recuperation from injury. John told 

Alex that the Russian experts had revealed that their athletes had experienced considerable improvement in performance with a natural, non-toxic substance called Velvet Deer Antler.

John said that the Russians had given him two boxes of Velvet Deer Antler and that, when he returned home, he had given these boxes to a friend who was 12 weeks away from a major world powerlifting championship, and who then used them to help in breaking several world records. Further research led both John and Alex to make this extraordinary product available to Americans. What follows is their report on Velvet Deer Antler.

Accelerated Recovery From Training

Scientists can only speculate about Dr. Fennessey’s findings, which may explain (to some degree) the anabolic (helps build muscle and repair tissue without steroids) properties of Velvet Deer Antler. If there are high concentrations of hormone-like substances in blood, tissues, and bone, accelerated tissue repair after trauma such as intense exercise can be induced by Velvet Deer Antler.

But the most important consideration is the cartilaginous concentration of the antler itself. Researchers such as Dr. John F. Prudden discovered (more than 35 years ago) that deer antler contains an element called N-Acetyl-Glucosamine, which has been demonstrated to accelerate wound healing significantly. Deer antler also contains glycosaminoglycans.

It is also a very powerful regulator of synoviocytes, which regulate the integrity of the joint fluid. 

Perhaps this is the primary reason that arthritics are helped so much by Velvet Deer Antler.

In 1974, two Russian doctors found that Pantocrine (the Soviet version of Velvet Deer Antler) improved the performance of average, healthy sportsmen (athletes). Unadministered athletes on the exercise cycle performed 15 kg/m of dynamic work, whereas those given Pantocrine increased dramatically to 74 kg/m of dynamic work. This is truly a remarkable increase in performance.

Dr. Koltun’s Findings 

For twelve years, Dr. Arkady Koltun, M.D., Ph.D., Chairman of the Medical Committee for the Russian Bodybuilding Federation, conducted research into anabolic (helps build muscle and repair tissue without steroids) agents that can improve performance, strength, and musculature in Russian athletes.

In studies with Russian kayakers, weight lifters, bodybuilders, and power lifters, Dr. Koltun found evidence that Velvet Deer Antler is myotropic (increases muscular strength). He also found that it has powerful neurotropic (nerve strengthening) properties and is beneficial in treating infectious diseases, fatigue, and hypertension.

Dr. Koltun revealed that Pantocrine has induced significant increases in endurance in his athletes. After using Pantocrine in the pre-Olympic festival in Russia, two of Dr. Koltuns’ top kayakers and a world in canoeing achieved remarkably improved results. These sportsmen not only stabilized their racing time one week before competition, but dramatically increased their speed in rowing. All received gold medals and established new world records.

Dr. Koltun went on to describe an interesting phenomenon that occurs in athletes that are overtrained, even in young athletes. He explained that when athletes train too hard they develop an electrolyte imbalance in the heart muscle, in which there is a loss of recovery and endurance. He calls this condition “Myocardial Dystrophy”and explained that electrocardiograms show dysphasic and extreme negative T-wave readings, which is an image of ventricular repolarization of the cardiac ventricles.

Dr. Koltun contends that sportsmen (and women) with myocardial dystrophy have a problem with myocardial repolarization and that this, in turn, significantly limits their performance. But 

there is a good prognosis for them if they lay off their training activity for two weeks.

When Pantocrine was given along with inosine and vitamin B-6, he was able to decrease the time of recovery to ten days. In other words, the athletes’ recovery time was dramatically reduced. This allowed the athletes to participate in many competitions, with short recuperation periods in between.

Dr. Koltun also mentioned that one of the most significant attributes of Velvet Deer Antler is the discovery of Dr. Ivan Kinia, who co-authored several studies from the Siberian institution known as Blagoveshemska in 1989. It was shown that among the main bio active substances in deer antler are the anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, which are especially effective in people who suffer from arthritis.

In addition to regulating and improving every major body function, IGF-1 Plus™ improves brain function and promotes a better night’s sleep, thus improving energy levels.

Who Uses Deer Antler Velvet?

Now, you know what it is, but who uses deer antler velvet? Deer antler velvet is used by a diverse range of individuals seeking to grow muscle or improve their bodybuilding performance. However, it's important to note that it's not particularly effective for teens since the body produces enough IGF-1 naturally at that age.

The groups below see the most benefits for muscle growth from our deer antler velvet supplements.

  • Athletes and Bodybuilders: They often use deer antler velvet to enhance physical performance, muscle growth, and recovery from intense training sessions. IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor-1) in deer antler velvet is particularly beneficial to this group because it supports muscle repair and growth.
  • Individuals in Recovery and Rehabilitation: Those recovering from injuries or surgeries sometimes use deer antler velvet to speed up healing. The growth factors and nutrients can assist in tissue repair and recovery.

So, if you're 25 or older and want a supplement to increase muscle size for appearance, muscle mass for athletic performance, or you're recovering from an injury, our deer velvet products may be what you need.

As with any supplement, individuals considering deer antler velvet should consult their doctor to avoid potential interactions with other medications or health conditions.

Where to Buy Deer Antler Velvet Supplements

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