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Best Muscle Building Supplements

Best Muscle Building Supplements

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For those looking to build muscle, finding the supplements that do as advertised can feel like a never-ending struggle. With so many options available, and so many different supplements offering so many different “benefits”, it can be hard to separate what is legitimate from what is less effective. Then there are concerns about where these supplements are sourced — is this a natural supplement, or made in a lab on the other side of the world? In this blog post from the Nutronics Labs blog, we’ll discuss what are the best supplements for building muscle. 

Deer Antler Velvet & IGF-1 Can Help build Muscle Fast

Deer antler velvet is a natural supplement that is increasing in popularity for those that are looking to build muscle. There are several benefits to taking deer antler velvet, but one of the things that keep people coming back to this supplement is its high content of IGF-1. IGF-1 works together with other hormones within the body to promote the normal growth of tissues and bones. Levels of IGF-1 are generally low when we’re born, and tend to increase as we go through puberty. Unfortunately, as we age, IGF-1 levels naturally decrease, meaning that supplementation is required to build muscle as efficiently as a younger individual. 

How IGF-1 Helps Build Muscle & Get Ripped

Hypertrophy is the enlargement of an organ or tissue due to the increase in the size of its cells. This is the process that builds muscle while performing strength training. For hypertrophy to occur while strength training, the rate at which muscles build proteins (also known as muscle protein synthesis, or MPS) must be greater than the rate the muscle breaks protein down.

This is where IGF-1 comes into the picture. As the IGF-1 hormone binds with the IGF-1 receptors of muscle tissue it simulates molecules that activate the production of protein and slows down the molecules responsible for the breakdown of these proteins. 

As a result of this process, IGF-1 works to positively impact both sides of protein synthesis - improving the hypertrophy process and leading to improved muscle growth. 

IGF-1 also benefits muscle building by activating special muscle cells known as satellite cells. Satellite cells fuse with muscle fibers to create new myofibrils or thread-like parts of muscles that allow the muscles to contract. Thanks to its different methods of improving the muscle-building process, those with higher levels of IGF-1 have an easier time building muscle.

At Nutronics Labs, we produce natural deer antler velvet supplements that help increase IGF-1 levels and improve the muscle-building capabilities of the body. Apart from increased muscle building, IGF-1 helps improve energy levels, supports the immune system, and helps reduce recovery between workouts. IGF-1 is steadily increasing in popularity, and that’s due to the many benefits provided by the supplement. Learn more about the benefits of deer antler velvet and IGF-1 in the Nutronics Labs blog

Looking For Deer Antler Velvet & IGF-1 Supplements To Help Build Muscle & Get Ripped Fast? Choose Nutronics Labs. 

At Nutronics Labs, we offer the highest quality, doctor-formulated deer antler velvet and IGF-1 supplements on the market. Our supplements are designed specifically to help improve athletic performance, improve recovery times, and provide many other general health benefits

With Nutronics Labs, you can enjoy some of the most affordable deer antler velvet around thanks to our auto-ship program. Improve the muscle-building capabilities of your body with deer antler velvet and IGF-1 supplements from Nutronics Labs. 

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