Choose Nutronics Labs For Natural IGF-1

Choose Nutronics Labs For Natural IGF-1

At Nutronics Labs, we’re proud to be the world’s number one choice for natural IGF-1 supplements. With combined decades of experience in IGF-1 research, we’ve been developing top-notch IGF-1 focused products for over 25 years. At Nutronics Labs, we provide IGF-1 supplementation products that can help you train longer and harder, recover faster, and enjoy a more balanced lifestyle. Professional athletes and celebrities like Frank Stallone and Mario Lopez trust Nutronics Labs as their IGF-1 provider of choice. Continue reading to learn more about why more people choose Nutronics Labs for their natural IGF-1 supplements than any other provider. 

Why Nutronics Labs? 

Nutronics Labs is one of the oldest and most trusted names in IGF-1 boosting supplements and has been around since 1995. Unlike competing brands, Nutronics Labs does not rely on hype or false claims; they're backed by a clinical study and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Nutronics Labs offers a variety of IGF-1 supplements, for both men and women, that offer a number of benefits for general health, as well as athletes and fitness enthusiasts. 

Our Natural IGF-1 Supplements 

Nutronics Labs is an industry leader in deer antler velvet, which has been proven to be effective in supporting muscle growth, endurance, and recovery.  The supplement can help users recover quickly after workouts and improve exercise performance. It contains a number of active ingredients that are essential for building lean muscle tissue, including IGF-1. IGF-1 is one of the most important primary ingredients in deer antler velvet. In fact, many of the benefits of deer antler velvet can be attributed to its IGF-1 content. 

Deer Antler Velvet — The Best Natural IGF-1 Supplement Around 

Deer antler velvet is the only known natural source of IGF-1, while most other sources of IGF-1 require a prescription from a doctor. For over 2,000 years, the shedding of deer antlers, also known as the velvet, has been used in ancient Eastern medicine due to its known healing, strength, and growth properties. Today, countless athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and those that are generally health-conscious utilize the power of deer antler velvet to boost their IGF-1 levels naturally.  

We Source Our Deer Antler Velvet From New Zealand 

At Nutronics Labs, we source our deer antler velvet from New Zealand, which is world-renowned in the natural supplement industry for having the highest quality deer antler velvet on earth. This is largely due to the fact that New Zealand is largely a temperate client with a minimal amount of insects that are capable of carrying disease. Additionally, since livestock was introduced to New Zealand, the government has placed strict regulations to control what comes across the border in order to prevent the introduction of any new diseases. These facts combined make New Zealand one of the best places to raise livestock in the world, including deer for their antlers. 

Clinically Proven To Naturally Increase IGF-1 Levels 

Nutronics Labs is the only natural IGF-1 supplement provider that has conducted clinical trials on its products. In 2014, researchers at the Sierra Integrative Medical Center conducted clinical trials on Nutronics Labs IGF-1 Plus on a number of different patients. The results showed that there was a clear overall increase in the serological levels of circulating IGF-1 within the bodies of patients. Of all the patients tested that were taking Nutronics Labs IGF-1 Plus, there was an average increase of 19.94% of serological IGF-1. We stand by our IGF-1 supplements, and we let the science speak for itself. Learn more about the details of our clinical study here. 

Doctor Formulated & Medically Staffed 

Nutronics Labs is a division of Sierra Integrative Medical Center, and due to this, we’re the only doctor-formulated deer antler velvet on the market. Additionally, within our offices are doctors, chemists, and other medical staff to ensure that we’re putting out the highest quality natural IGF-1 supplements around. No other natural IGF-1 supplement provider is medically staffed and doctor-formulated. 

Patented Liposome Delivery System 

At Nutronics Labs, we take advantage of our patented Lipo Gastric Delivery System™, also known as our LGDS which allows faster delivery, as well as greater bioavailability of the supplement. And with the added benefit of nutrient action, our LGDS has a clear advantage over capsules, tablets, and powder products. With our Lipo Gastric Delivery System, nano-particles are more rapidly delivered into the bloodstream, allowing them to be better absorbed and utilized with little to no degradation in the liver as experienced with other products. With the innovation of our LGDS, we’ve become the first deer antler velvet spray on the market. 

More People Choose Nutronics Labs for IGF-1 & Deer Antler Velvet Supplements. Find Out Why Today! 

At Nutronics Labs, we’re passionate about providing high-quality IGF-1 and deer antler velvet supplements to athletes and celebrities like Mario Lopez and Frank Stallone, as well as those that are dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle. We offer the most affordable and highest quality deer antler velvet on the market when purchased using our auto-ship program. Find out why Nutronics Labs is the world’s #1 choice for Natural IGF-1 supplements by shopping our products today. 

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