Boxing Legend Jake LaMotta

Boxing Legend Jake LaMotta

In this edition of the Nutronics Labs blog, we'd like to honor one of our most decorated supporters, boxing legend Jake LaMotta.

LaMotta, also known as "The Bronx Bull" or "The Raging Bull" is one of the most famous boxers in the long, storied history of the sport. LaMotta fought Sugar Ray Robinson six times, going on to win an impressive overall 93 career fights. LaMotta's memoir "Raging Bull: My Story" was turned into the classic boxing film Raging Bull directed by Martin Scorsese, and starring Robert De Niro. The film won an academy award and continues to stand as a classic today.

Jake LaMotta has been a great friend and supporter of Nutronics Labs, and even at the age of 92 he continues to be active, partly with help from Nutronics Labs 100,000ng "Maximum" IGF-1 deer antler spray. LaMotta sent us a letter describing how much energy and stamina he has had since starting to take Nutronics Labs IGF-1:

Dear Rick, Since I've been taking your IGF-1 product, I've been able to shadow box up to 30 minutes a day. Your product has helped me tremendously even at my age. I haven't felt this good in years. My energy, stamina and mobility are back. I wish I had this product back in the day. I would recommend the IGF-1 100,000 Maximum to anyone, whether they are an athlete or not. IGF-1 is unbelievable! It is a real championship product. Hope to see you soon. I feel like I could get back in the ring with Sugar Ray Robinson one more time! Your Friend, Jake LaMotta

If you're interested in trying the same deer antler spray used by the legendary Jake LaMotta, you can find more information and order your deer antler spray online.

To see more from Jake LaMotta and other Nutronics Labs supporters as well, please visit

In loving memory of my good friend Jake LaMotta. Not only a good friend but the greatest fighter that ever lived. There is no one who will ever compare to you my friend. May you rest in peace. You will be missed, but never forgotten.

May God bless you,

Rick Lentini

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