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VelPet Plus for Dogs

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Velpet Plus for dogs contains deer antler velvet which helps naturally increase mobility, muscle strength, and endurance for dogs

Why Do Dogs Need Supplements?

Wouldn’t it be nice if our pets could tell us when they’re hurting or not feeling well? Isn’t it unfortunate that we usually don’t know when our pets are in pain until it becomes obvious? If there was a way you could help your pet live a healthier, more vibrant life and possibly lengthen their lifespan, would you do it? We feel most pet owners certainly would!

It is common for dogs to suffer from painful hip and joint problems at some point in their lives. An older dog’s pain is most often related to joint, bone, and muscle issues that arrive with aging. Like humans, animals develop osteoarthritis, bone fatigue, fractures, tumors, immune disorders, along with simple aches and pains of old age. Pets can hurt just like their owners, but they can also benefit from some of the same supplements. One of the safest all natural supplements that animals can take is Deer Antler Velvet.

Rick Lentini & Cesar Millan About Velpet Plus

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“VelPet Plus has helped me stay healthy, strong, and active, even as I've gotten older!” -SARG

VelPet Plus: Chewable Pet Supplement For Dogs

Nutronics Labs VelPet Plus for Dogs Supplement Label

Other Ingredients: 370 mg Microcystaline Cellulose (Tableting Aid)

Suggested use: Large dog: 1 Tablet twice per day for first 7 days, then 1 Tablet each day thereafter. Small dog: 1/2 Tablet twice per day for first 7 days, then 1/2 Tablet each day thereafter. Caution: Do not use if outer seal is broken. Nutronics Labs VelPet Plus is a naturally balanced dietary pet supplement which contains IGF-1/IGF-1, which has shown to assist with mobility and general health and well being of canines.

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Why You Should Incorporate IGF-1 Plus® into Your Diet


Helps Promote a Powerful Immune System

One of the most important discoveries about Deer Antler Velvet in the last 30 years is that it contains a small molecular weight protein which may help to modulate the immune system. This means that, if the immune system is depressed, this particular protein can dramatically improve it.


Helps Support Heart Function

IGF-1 also has a profound effect on the heart muscle. In a randomized, double blind human study IGF-1 stimulated a significant increase in strength and efficiency of heart function. These people had severely damaged hearts but still realized an increase in blood volume pumped through the heart. IGF-1 also helps preserve cardiac function in normal, healthy people as well.


Helps Promote Building Lean Muscle and Helps Support Improved Recovery After Workouts

Perhaps the most interesting and potent effect IGF-1 has on the human body is its ability to cause hyperplasia, which is an actual splitting of the cells. With IGF-1 use one is able to cause hyperplasia, which actually increases the number of muscle cells present in the tissue.


Helps Naturally Burn Fat

IGF-1 preserves muscle tissue while it shifts your metabolism to preferentially burn fast. Regardless of the type of diet or weight loss program you are on, IGF-1 may help you support your weight management and promote a healthy body weight.

Help Raise Your IGF-1 Levels Safely and Naturally With Deer Antler Spray

We are often asked how Nutronics Labs’ all-natural deer antler supplements can help with anti-aging. Chances are you’ve noticed the changes in your energy level, the way you look, and how you recover from exercise or injury as you’ve aged. The science behind this is simple.

The body naturally produces IGF-1 which is why our cells are able to grow and recover in the first place. As we get older, the body decreases production of IGF-1, so our IGF-1 levels drop and we notice symptoms of aging-from slower recoveries to the visible changes you see in your skin. By taking Nutronics Labs’ products, you are supplementing your body’s natural supply of IGF-1 from another natural source, allowing your body to continue to function at the higher levels of health and wellness of years past.

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Dr. Bruce Fong, D.O., H.M.D.

Medical Director at Nutronics Labs and Sierra Integrative Medical Center

"We are pioneers in Integrative Medicine, blending the best conventional medicine with the best alternative therapies. Nutronics Labs Deer antler spray is a vital component of our holistic approach to healing patients."


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