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Nutronics is Proudly Endorsed by Joey "Black Ice" Davis

Nutronics is Proudly Endorsed by Joey "Black Ice" Davis

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Joey "Black Ice" Davis, Mixed Martial Arts phenom, is a proud user of Nutronics Labs products and the benefits of IGF-1.

"Whether it’s two a days, or in a match… muscle recovery and sleep are my top priorities," said Davis about his workout regimen. "As a combat athlete, I highly recommend Deer Antler and Sleep Miracle from Nutronics Labs for both."

Davis grew up in Compton, California. His father, Joey Sr., invested the time to get Joey involved in sports from an early age. He competed in his first wrestling match at age 5 and placed 2nd. He trained extensively in high school and entered his college years with an already extensive victory record under his belt.

After graduating from high school, Davis continued his career at Notre Dame, a D-II wrestling school. Within his first year, Davis was wrestling and won his first title within the same time, going undefeated with a 33-0 record in the 165 pound division.

After that, Davis bulked up and continued to go undefeated, finishing his collegiate record with 133 victories and no losses in his college career in the NCAA. He is the only wrestler in the entire history of the NCAA Division II to do so.

Davis went into Mixed Martial Arts after graduating from Notre Dame and signed with Bellator MMA. He made his professional debut August 26, 2016, and has continued to rack up victories.

Davis has been recognized across the United States for his achievements in wrestling and mixed martial arts. Politicians such as the mayor of Cleveland, Frank G. Jackson, as well as Ohio governor John Kasich and congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge, have honored Davis for his extraordinary prowess and historic performance in the ring.

What may be most remarkable is Davis's dedication to success. There are few in the entirety of athletics that have achieved the heights that Davis has in his relatively short time of wrestling. He has made enormous strides and is well on his way to having one of the most outstanding sports careers in history.

Nutronics Labs is proud to have Joey "Black Ice" Davis as one of its users. We aim to improve every kind of lifestyle, including those of Grade-A athletes that regularly go above and beyond in their performance. We can't wait to see what he does next.

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