IGF-1 and Bone Growth

IGF-1 and Bone Growth

A new study featured by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, reveals that IGF-1 could help promote bone growth.

In the study, IGF-1 was induced via the introduction of gut microbiota, also known as gut flora. Gut microbiota are located in the intestines and perform functions including:

  • Production of necessary vitamins, including vitamins B and K
  • Digestions of foods that have not yet been digested by the stomach
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Maintains proper digestion
  • Fights off problem microorganisms

The study introduced gut microbiota to a group of healthy adult mice. Once the gut microbiota was introduced to the mice, changes began to take effect.

The healthy gut started to produce enhanced levels of IGF-1. The IGF-1 began to be created at accelerated rates from both the liver and any fat tissue. This helped to boost bone mass in the mice and helped bones grow stronger.

Antibiotics and IGF-1

In the same study, the scientists analyzed the function of antibiotics. As you might know, antibiotics are used to cut problem bacteria in the body and fight infection. However, antibiotics can come with other side effects.

The introduction of antibiotics in mice was shown to reduce production of IGF-1. Additionally, the antibiotics in the mice also had the effect of reducing bone growth. It was only after the introduction of good microbes back into the mice that IGF-1 levels were able to get back to normal.

Antibiotics are critical to use when you are needing to get rid of illness for good. Once you have completely finished your prescribed dose and are no longer sick, it is suggested to reintroduce IGF-1 and gut microbiota back into your body.

What Does This All Mean?

Ultimately, the study finds that gut microbiota is critical. Furthermore, IGF-1 can also regulate and improve bone growth levels, leading to a better life.

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