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Country Music Star Randy Travis Praises IGF-1

Country Music Star Randy Travis Praises IGF-1

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In a recorded interview with Nutronics Labs' Dr. Alex Duarte, country star Randy Travis praised IGF-1, the active ingredient found in Nutronics Labs deer antler spray.  Randy Travis, who is known for shaping country music over the last 25 years, sat with Dr. Duarte to discuss how natural supplements like IGF-1 have helped him with a variety of health issues that had been ailing him over the years. Travis had recently spent time healing at Sierra Integrative Medical Center under Dr. Bruce Fong, and had plenty of good things to say about his experience.

Travis also goes on to talk about how he was able to recover from infectious Lyme Disease, a serious medical condition most commonly caused by the bite of an infected insect like a tick. While the most common treatment for Lyme Disease is antibiotics, Travis mentions that within a period of around 6 weeks, he instead had used natural supplements like deer antler spray to get his immune system back to health.  Oftentimes sufferers of Lyme Disease struggle with antibiotic treatment for years, but Travis contends that the natural route of using natural supplements helped him regain his health. "Travis, who has been healing at the Sierra Integrative Medical Center, praises Dr. Bruce Fong and his staff over there for his positive experience and the results he's been able to achieve under their care.

Nutronics Labs is proud to be able to help those like Randy Travis who may be suffering with various health problems like allergies and Lyme Disease.  Our all natural deer antler spray is known as the industry leader because it is the strongest on the market and it has helped people all over the world with their health ailments.

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