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Actor and Television Host Mario Lopez

Actor and Television Host Mario Lopez

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Today we'd like to take a moment to thank one of our very special supporters, Mario Lopez. Mario has stood by Nutronics Labs for a long time and has been very active in supporting our products. Recently, Mario joined Founder of Nutronics Labs Rick Lentini in hosting a VIP celebrity party after the Austin Trout & Canelo Alvarez boxing match in San Antonio, TX.

Mario Lopez is an avid boxer and supporter of the sport, which made him the perfect co-host for our event. Lopez has been known to get in the ring himself, which is one reason why he became involved with Nutronics Labs in the first place. Lopez has said that he believes deer antler spray can help boxers recover after rigorous training and fights.

We're also happy to have Mario as a public supporter of Nutronics Labs' newest product on the market, VelPet Plus. VelPet Plus is a natural supplement for pets that contains most of the same great ingredients found in our deer antler spray for humans, including the key ingredient IGF-1. Lopez gives VelPet Plus to his own dog, and even tweeted a picture of his wife Courtney and dog Julio holding their own bottle!

We're grateful for Mario's support, and we look forward to working with him on other events soon. If you're interested in learning more about our deer antler spray or VelPet Plus products that Mario supports, please visit our online store at

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