Deer Antler Velvet and Arthritis

Deer Antler Velvet and Arthritis

Once again from the popular New Zealand journal The Deer Hunter, in the December 1992 issue, appeared the story of Joyce Ellmer. Apparently Joyce was a longtime sufferer of arthritis. The pain was so bad, she couldn't even knock on doors because of the pain. Now Joyce can knock down your door. You see, Joyce has been taking antler velvet for two years and has had what she calls "a miraculous result." In the article Joyce stated, "I'm 62-years-old, and basically, the velvet keeps me pain free."

The real proof of how well velvet could work to stop Joyce's arthritis is that within a few days of taking the product, the pain and swelling were completely gone.

Within a few days of having run out of the velvet, the pain was back.

Joyce's story is very typical of many people who could find relief with antler velvet. Although this story is anecdotal, some of the research has shown antler to be composed of certain components that could have anti-inflammatory properties. Nor can we deny the possible recuperative powers of this product based on the observations of the great Russian scientist, Dr. Arkady Koulton, as well as others. You may want to make antler velvet part of your normal supplement regimen.

Deer Antler Efficacy

As noted several times, the age at which antler is harvested, the section of antler used and processing techniques (freeze drying, alcohol based or aqueous extracts) all influence the efficacy of velvet antler. The following summarizes those effects. For growth, freeze dried, or liquid extract antler tip taken between 50 to 60 days yielded the best results. Cytotoxicity against P388 (murine leukemia) cells was greatest in the liquid extracts made from the upper portions of 70- to 100-day-old antler.

Finally, it bears mentioning that any product you use may not be effective if it doesn't contain velvet antler. Fortunately, antibody and thin layer chromatography techniques are now being developed that should allow the positive identification of velvet antler in any form.

The most effective form is a cold processed, concentrated velvet antler extract made of just the tips of the antler harvested between the 55th and 60th day of growth.

Recently a study was conducted on a group of men and women with normal IGF-1 levels using the velvet antler concentrate with the liposome delivery system.

Each patient self administered 3 sprays sublingually (under the tongue) in the morning and 3 sprays at night. The total daily dose via the metered spray was estimated at 85-95 ng.

One subject (female, age 54) reported possible cessation of chronic seasonal allergic rhinitis/sinusitis manifestations within 2 weeks of initiating antler intake. Another (female, 50) experienced potential improvement in chronic medication/inhaled steroid dependent asthma of 30 years duration within 10-days of initiating antler administration; she also reported a possible 50% reduction in medication dosages. One male subject (age 66) had undergone a total hip replacement approximately 1 month prior to the initiation of this study with resultant persistent weakness, fatigue, poor appetite and weight. loss; he reported a possible improvement in energy, well being, appetite and desired weight gain by the end of the 2nd week of antler administration. Another individual (male, 57) experienced potential improvement in chronic degenerative arthritis of the left knee of 15 years duration, with a possible decrease in pain and increase in functional capacity by the end of the study (4 weeks). And finally, a female subject (age 50) reported a potential improvement in a chronic fibromyalgia syndrome including a very significant improvement in associated neuro-cognitive dysfunction.

Excerpt adapted from: Velvet Deer Antler: The Ultimate Antiaging Supplement by Dr. Alex Duarte, 2000.

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