Nutronics Labs Is The Best Source For Deer Antler Velvet

Nutronics Labs Is The Best Source For Deer Antler Velvet

Not all deer antler velvet is made the same. At Nutronics Labs, we produce the highest quality deer antler velvet on the market. But what exactly makes our deer antler velvet so high quality? From our veterinarian-run deer farms to the parts of the antler that we utilize, there’s a number of aspects that make deer antler velvet from Nutronics Lab the highest quality deer antler supplement around. Learn more about why Nutronics Labs is the best source for deer antler velvet in this post from our blog. 

Nutronics Labs’ Owned New Zealand Deer Farms

At Nutronics Labs, all of our deer antler sprays are products of our own New Zealand deer farms. New Zealand historically produces the highest quality deer antlers for a variety of reasons. In New Zealand, there are strict regulations on the living conditions of livestock, including deer. Pair the mandated care requirements for livestock in New Zealand, with its temperate climate, and it creates a perfect environment to raise some of the happiest and healthiest deer on earth. 

Grade A Deer Antler Velvet 

Different kinds of deer antlers yield different qualities of deer antler velvet. At Nutronics Labs, we only use Grade A Brown deer antlers for our velvet, which is the highest quality of deer antlers available. Grade A Brown deer antlers are in perfect condition, with no fading or chips. We harvest these kinds of antlers in order to make the highest quality deer antler spray on the market. 

Harvested by Trained Veterinarians 

Further ensuring the quality of our deer antler spray is the fact Nutronics Labs hires trained veterinarians to harvest deer antler velvet from our deer. This is a further testament to the care that the deer at the Nutronics Labs farm receive. Our trained veterinarians have years of experience working with animals of all kinds and use the most humane methods possible to harvest deer antler velvet for use in our natural supplements. 

Doctor Formulated Supplements 

Nutronics Labs is the only producer of doctor-formulated deer antler velvet supplements. Through decades of research, we’ve been able to craft the purest deer antler velvet supplements on the market. Nutronics Labs has multiple doctors on staff to guarantee that the deer antler velvet supplement that our customers receive provides the intended benefits without fail. 

For The Highest Quality Deer Antler Velvet, Trust Nutronics Labs 

If you’re looking for the best deer antler velvet on the market, Nutronics Labs has the right products for you. By only offering the highest quality deer antler available, we’ve helped countless customers reach their fitness, wellness, and athletic goals. To learn more about the benefits of deer antler velvet, visit our blog. For the most affordable deer antler velvet on the market, sign up for our auto-ship program, allowing you to save up to 50% on each order. For the highest quality deer antler velvet on earth, trust Nutronics Labs. 

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