Andy Bostinto And The National Gym Association (NGA)

Andy Bostinto And The National Gym Association (NGA)

In today's blog, we decided to highlight a very important organization in health, fitness, and bodybuilding -- The National Gym Association (NGA). The NGA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to teaching, training, and certifying professional fitness trainers all over the world.

the NGA was founded by our friend, and Nutronics Labs Board Of Directors Member Andy Bostinto in 1979. Since it's founding, NGA and Andy Bostinto have trained and coached thousands of athletes in the best practices of personal training. Both Andy and the NGA are extremely particular in endorsing any supplements and the NGA competitions have routine drug tests for the competitors. So Nutronics Labs is proud to have the support and endorsement of Andy Bostinto and the NGA for our Deer Antler Velvet/IGF-1 products!

Andy Bostinto has personally trained some of the most recognizable names in fitness and popular culture including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Pacino, Lou Ferrigno, and many more. Andy has become known as "Trainer to The Stars" in the fitness world.

Andrew Bostinto sits as an active member of Nutronics Lab's Board Of Directors and plays a vital role in community relations through his work with the NGA. Bostinto is a legend in the health, fitness, and bodybuilding communities and we are honored to have him representing and endorsing Nutronics Labs' IGF-1 deer antler spray.

To learn more about Andrew or the National Gym Association, please visit their official website at

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