Optimal IGF-1 Levels By Age 

IGF-1 does a lot of behind-the-scenes work for our body, and it can be confusing to some to understand how it affects our health. There are a number of benefits associated with IGF-1, as it can assist with things like muscle building, weight loss, and more. But in order to receive the benefits that come with IGF-1, your IGF-1 levels need to be optimal. As is the nature of IGF-1, our bodies reduce the production of this hormone as we age. This is important since people of different age levels require different levels of IGF-1 in order to be considered optimal. In this post from the Nutronics Labs blog, we’ll discuss what can be considered optimal IGF-1 levels by age of the user. 

Normal IGF-1 Levels For Different Age Groups 

The benefits of IGF-1 are most noticeable physiologically when the hormone is found at the optimal level for your age. When humans are first born, our IGF-1 levels are low, but start to substantially increase during childhood and into puberty. By the time the 2nd or 3rd decade of life is reached, IGF-1 levels begin to steadily decline. This decline continues until about age 70, at which point IGF-1 levels are virtually undetectable. See the chart below for a visualization of how IGF-1 levels drop as people age: 

Studies have shown that having low IGF-1 levels can be associated with an increased risk of disease and mortality.* On the other hand, studies of elderly men (approximately 75 years of age) with high levels of IGF-1 have shown increased risk of cardiovascular events.** This makes having optimal IGF-1 levels particularly important, especially as we age. For younger people, IGF-1 levels become critical when it comes to fitness, like being able to recover between workouts and put on muscle more efficiently. Having optimal levels of IGF-1 for your age under the age of 70 is a great way to stay In shape or reach fitness goals of all kinds. Below, see a chart of what’s considered to be optimal IGF-1 levels based on the age of the user: 


Optimal IGF-1 Levels (ng/ml):

21 to 30

158 to 230

31 to 40

135 to 220

41 to 50

121 to 193

51 to 60

98 to 150

61 to 70

85 to 140

71 to 80

85 to 95

80 and older

85 to 90

Keeping your IGF-1 levels within these ranges based on your age comes with a number of benefits like improved recovery time between workouts, a stronger immune system, improved joint function, and much more. Learn more about the benefits of IGF-1 in the Nutronics Labs blog

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Deer antler spray is a natural supplement that is rich in IGF-1. Body builders, athletes, and general fitness enthusiasts have relied on deer antler spray from Nutronics Labs to keep their IGF-1 levels in check for over 2 decades. To keep your IGF-1 levels at the optimal level for your age, choose deer antler velvet from Nutronics Labs. Shop our selection of products here, or enjoy savings of up to 50% with our autoship program today. 


*Ranke MB, Osterziel KJ, Schweizer R, et al. Reference levels of insulin-like growth factor I in the serum of healthy adults: comparison of four immunoassays. Clin Chem Lab Med 2003, 41:1329-1334.

**Carlzon D, Svensson J, Petzold M, et al. Both low and high serum IGF-1 levels associate with increased risk of cardiovascular events in elderly men. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2014, 99:E2308-2316.

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