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Introduction To Deer Antler Velvet

Introduction To Deer Antler Velvet

For 10,000 years Eastern cultures have used velvet deer antler to help improve energy levels and help strengthen the organs of endurance; specifically helping to improve lung function, muscle development, stamina, kidney function, and blood components. For over 2,000 years Chinese physicians have used velvet antler to help treat over 55 different disorders including general pain, weakness, chronic joint degeneration, sexual impotency, and infertility.

Scientific research over the last 40 years has demonstrated velvet deer antler, if harvested at the correct time of year and processed to concentrate the various biological active ingredients, can produce enormous health, endurance, and strength benefits.


  •  heart benefits - antler components can help improve heart strength and volume of blood pumped through the heart
  •  helps improve endurance - shown to help improve stamina and work capacity in animal and human studies
  •  helps improves joint health - velvet antler contains cartilage supporting mucopolysaccharides such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate A as well as anti-inflammatory agents
  •  helps improve muscle and strength development and athletic performance
  •  helps improve mood and longevity - inhibits monoaminoxidase (MAO) activity (associated with an increased availability of neurotransmitters in the brain resulting in enhanced mood). This has also been shown to help extend lifespan in laboratory animals.
  •  helps improve kidney and liver function
  •  helps improve immunity
  •  helps improve red blood cell and white blood cell production
  •  helps improve sexual potency and fertility
  •  helps improve blood pressure in hypertensives
  •  supports recovery from illness or surgery
  • is nontoxic

In our next blog post, we’ll explore the history of medicinal uses for deer antler velvet, as well as discuss even more of its potential health benefits.

Excerpt adapted from: Velvet Deer Antler: The Ultimate Antiaging Supplement by Dr. Alex Duarte, 2000.

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