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IGF-1 and Autism

IGF-1 and Autism

According to a new study published in The Huffington Post, IGF-1 could help work towards reversing the symptoms of Rett's Syndrome.

The article, published October 19, 2016, talks about a study ran from the University of California, San Diego. The study, conducted by Dr. Alysson Muotri, analyzed groups of cells from both "average" patients and those who had abnormal MECP2 cells, which indicates Rett's Syndrome. They grabbed skin cells from both groups and transformed them into stem cells, then administered IGF-1 onto the cells with Rett's Syndrome.

Once the IGF-1 was administered, the Rett's Syndrome was not "cured." Rather, IGF-1 helped reverse the changes on other cells caused by Rett's Syndrome. Because of this, the effects of the disorder were diminished, eventually causing the affected cells to look like the "average" cells.

What is Rett's Syndrome?

Rett's Syndrome is a brain development disorder which can cause rapid growth at an early age, followed by a slowing of neural activity and motor functions such as walking and use of hands. Rett's Syndrome is often coupled with seizures, abnormal head and brain growth, and general intellectual retardation.

It is not uncommon for Rett's Syndrome to be equated with other autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs). Rett's Syndrome and autism have many similar symptoms in their early stages, including sleeping problems, breathing difficulties, seizures, and more. Rett's Syndrome also shares the same affected MECP2 cells that many other ASDs have.

Why is this important?

Because IGF-1 has been shown to have an effect on cells whose MECP2 cells have been affected, this could have widespread applications for a variety of autism disorders. Instead of simply reducing the symptoms of the disorder, IGF-1 could help the cells work towards eliminating the very cause of the autistic disorders.

The results have been so optimistic that further research is being conducted. The first study showed that IGF-1 is safe and can be consumed by children with Rett's. At the time of this writing, the study is currently recruiting for more participants.

The new study will analyze the effect of IGF-1 on other ASDs and will gauge:

  • Repeating behaviors
  • Delays of language
  • Impact of general autism treatments

While these studies are still in the experimental stages, previous studies have shown improvements in brain function via improved cardiovascular functions. If you're interested in trying out IGF-1 products for yourself, contact us today and help work towards improving your life now.

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