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Deer Antler Velvet And Athletes

Pro Football Fullback Heath Evans

Pro Football Fullback Heath Evans Uses Deer Antler Spray

New Orleans Saints fullback Heath Evans, is the latest professional athlete to admit using IGF-1/Deer Antler Velvet. Evans said he first took Deer Antler during training camp in 2008, while with the New England Patriots, and called it the best pre-season of his career. Evans stated he began using the spray again this off season.

“I took Deer Antler/IGF-1 to recover from the rigors of a two-a-days” Evans Said. ” There are some rest and recovery aspects that are noticeable. I’ve been using the spray for the last couple of weeks, and I have been seeing the same effects.”

Evans said he has been willing to try the spray because of his positive experience with Deer Antler /IGF-1 in the past. Evans stated he has never tested positive for any banned substance and he is considered a model NFL Citizen, known for his foundation dedicated to helping victims of Childhood sexual abuse.

“Here is the thing about IGF-1 he said it almost becomes a bad term, but it is found in your body, it is found in foods, there will be people saying, “Your taking growth hormone”. But No, it’s Deer Antler.”

IGF-1 is present in the human liver, and in some foods. To Evans and other athletes, the fact that Deer Antler is the source of the banned substance makes it acceptable.

Evans said he is confident he won’t test positive for using the Deer Antler Product.

CEO Rick Lentini’s Letter to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports:

Yahoo Sports

“Dear Dan,

I’ve been following your column on deer antler velvet (igf-1) with great interest. I am the CEO of Nutronics Labs (, and was the one that brought deer antler velvet into the United States 15 years ago. I was the first one to market this product and put it into a liposome spray formula. I sell the purest IGF-1 formulation available.

I am appalled that the NFL is taking this standing to ban this wonderful product. This product has helped many people throughout the years recover not only from illnesses but also serious injuries including MS patients. These players go out every week and put their lives on the line, sustain injuries for our entertainment and can barely walk by the age of 30. Sure they get paid a lot of money but so do stock brokers and corporate executives who don’t have to go through the pain that these players do.

On any given Sunday with all the troubles in the world, thanks to these gladiators, we can take a day and allow ourselves to relax and take our minds off our problems. A proven product comes along to help these iron men treat their injuries and it is banned.

Like the great Mike Dikta said, the NFL does not do enough for their injured and retired players. What good is money when you can’t walk anymore?

Deer antler velvet is an all natural product and is steroid free as you can see on our website. When you see a player on TV doing a milk commercial with a milk mustache – he just ingested IGF-1. When he eats a steak – again he just ingested IGF-1. When that same player takes deer antler velvet he ingested the same thing only in a more concentrated form.

This product is made to help, not harm. In over 15 years of business I have never had a complaint – only praise of this wonderful substance that has been used for over 2000 years.

The NFL and their doctors should go back to medical school, open their books, and open their minds. If they really wanted to help their players recover from injuries the natural way – deer antler velvet is the way to go. ( with no side effects) Thank you for your time.”


Rick Lentini

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