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Nutronics Labs IGF-1 has been helping people for over 19 years reach their overall wellness goals. With thousands and thousands of satisfied clients, Nutronics Labs IGf-1 is the premiere brand of IGF-1 Spray from Deer Antler Velvet in the world!



Nutronics labs Deer Antler Velvet Results & Testimonials

Former Middleweight Champion of the world, The Raging Bull, The Bronx Bull


Letter to Rick Lentini From Jake Lamotta

Jake Lamotta Dear Rick,

Since I’ve been taking your IGF-1 product, I’ve been able to shadow box up to 30 minutes a day. Your product has helped me tremendously even at my age. I haven’t felt this good in years. My energy, stamina and mobility are back. I wish I had this product back in the day. I would recommend the IGF-1 100,000 Maximum to anyone, whether they are an athlete or not. IGF-1 is unbelievable! It is a real championship product. Hope to see you soon.

I feel like I could get back in the ring with Sugar Ray Robinson one more time!

Your Friend,

Jake Lamotta

Click here to watch a video of Jake Lamotta shadow boxing for 30 minutes a day at 89 years of age after taking Nutronics Labs 100,000ng IGF-1.

Raging Bull

The movie The Raging Bull was inspired by the true life story of boxing legend and middle weight champion of the world, Jake Lamotta. He was known as the Raging Bull and the Bronx Bull. His character was depicted by Academy award winner Robert Deniro and went on to win 2 oscars under the direction of Martin Scorsese. Jake Lamotta was known as one of the toughest fighters in the world. He fought Sugar Ray Robinson 6 times in his career, the last fight being remembered as the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Erin Sharoni, SHOWTIME Sports Commentator & Former FILA Model

Andrew Bostinto

"Nutronics Labs Deer Antler Spray is an incredible product. After just a few days of using it, I noticed a significant decrease in the chronic knee arthritis pain I’ve suffered from for many, many years due to dancing and sports injuries. As an added bonus, my ENTIRE body suddenly felt lighter, and generally pain free…it wasn’t until taking the product that I realized most of my joints had been stiff and achey. I had been living in pain for years without even realizing it, having become accustomed to being constantly uncomfortable and sore. I was able to work out harder, recover faster, and noticed significantly increased flexibility and overall mobility. I noticed substantial improvement in muscle tone.

It also made a big difference in my mood and mental clarity: My mood was noticeably boosted, and I felt mentally "sharper" than I had in ages. My mind just seemed to function better, overall. My sleep quality improved, and I had more energy overall, both physically and mentally.

I don’t know of any other product that has such a profound, sudden effect on the body, all while being safe and totally natural. As a health nut who refuses to put chemicals into my body, this is something I feel I can stand by!"

- Erin Sharoni

Endorsed by Brad Charland Pro MMA Fighter

Andrew Bostinto

"As a pro mma fighter I was always looking to find a product to keep me in the gym training as hard I can. I raise 3 children and they keep me on my toes all day long, up til its training time. While hitting the gym after running through play grounds and countless tea party with my daughter through out the day, it was hard to keep my energy up enough to get through my training without wanting to quit and go home for the day. Now after using your Igf-1 for a while now. I see way better results in my training. I am able to hang with my children all day, able to sit through all the tea partys and chase after kidos as long as they can go. My training is 100% better then it was. I don’t stop training until I just want to. My energy, stamina, focus, mentality and over all performance in anything I do has increased so much its hard to believe. I am able to recover faster and feel stronger each time I do. If your not using Nutronics products your missing out! By far worth any amount of money in the world when it comes to this life changing opportunity to better yourself in anything you do, whether you’re and athlete or just looking for an improvement. "

- Brad Charland
Pro MMA Fighter

Frank Adonis (Hollywood Actor)

Frank AdonieDear Doctor DeFranco:

A friend of mine gave me a bottle of your product about a month ago and I started taking it and, within a week, I started to feel energized at all hours of the day. In addition, as an actor I noticed an improvement in my memory. Most recently, I have seen a dramatic re-shaping of my body. I am gaining muscle mass and I have not trained or worked out in months! As a avid body builder most of my life, I noticed increased muscle mass without exercising, fat loss without dieting, higher energy levels, lower blood pressure, lower LDL cholesterol, younger and thicker skin, hair re-growth, wrinkles disappearing, sharper vision and bearing and of course increased memory retention…

I know this sounds uncanny but, believe me it’s true. I am 66 years old and really feel 35 years younger. I have always been in good shape and never looked my age but this product has become my miracle. I not only feel 35 years younger but, I look at least 20 years younger. As an actor, this is a miracle product!

Thank you for your product, I remain sincerely;

Frank Adonis

As an Hollywood Actor and Stage performer, Frank Adonis appeared in many great films such as:

  • “The French Connection”
  • “Raging Bull”
  • “Eyes of Laura Mars”
  • “Wall Street”"The Juror”



Andrew Bostinto

Andrew Bostinto

I’ve been taking IGF-1 Plus for 10 years. This is the most amazing product I have ever seen in all my years as personal trainer and professional bodybuilder. I would recommend this product to anyone whether they were just trying to achieve maximum health or compete in any competitive sports. I feel like I could compete for Mr. Olympia at my age by taking this wonderful product.

- Andrew Bostinto

President of NGA ( National Gym Association )

MMA Superstar Diego Sanchez – First "Ultimate Fighter" TV Show Winner

Earl ChristyI am very grateful to have discovered Nutronics Labs’ Deer Antler Velvet spray, IGF-1 Plus! The recovery and healing benefits are like nothing I have ever experienced.

After 10 years of professional mixed martial arts competition, I’ve learned that quicker recovery means more efficient training. Best of all, it is all-natural and is perfect for “professional extremists” like myself.

"Go hard or go home!”

- Diego Sanchez
UFC Title Contender
First “Ultimate Fighter” TV show winner


Vincent Valvano

My name is Vincent Valvano and I have a rare skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa. My skin lacks the anchoring fibers necessary to hold it in place resulting in open wounds, similar to third degree burns, all over my body. The constant wounds cause severe scar tissue and also some atrophy.

I recently ordered IGF-1 Plus Maximum in order to gain results from my physical therapy workouts. Since using this product, I am not only able to do harder workouts, but I also have increased muscle mass. Besides these benefits I have experienced improvement in my wound healing! Areas that repeatedly break down are showing increased healing like never before. My hands, which are severely scarred, have more flexibility. I look forward to the many benefits that may come from using IGF-1. Thank you Rick Lentini!

Vincent Valvano – 04/16/2013

Dr. Lentini,

I don’t know where to begin to thank you. I know it has been more than a year since my original testimony. I am determined to get myself in better physical condition and IGF-1 really makes a significant difference in my progress. I reached an all time high in my weight and I was stronger than ever. Unfortunately I hit a speed bump. Physically working out caused complications with my feeding tube by stretching the opening where it is placed in my stomach. Because of this I have not been able to work out for quite some time. I lost my appetite, I lost 20 lbs, and I had the flu for several weeks. I told myself that I had enough of this and I need to get back to where I was. I made the decision to have my feeding tube removed because this is the only way that I will be able to work out the way that I was before. Having this done also means that I will have to have my throat worked on for the first time. Both procedures are scheduled for May 10th, and It will take a year for complete recovery. This seems like a very long road ahead and it will be a challenge to maintain adequate nutrition. I know that IGF-1 will help get me there faster. You have provided me with motivation to reach my goal. Once again I don’t know how to thank you. IGF-1 makes a tremendous impact on my life.


Ray Flynn – Former Mayor of Boston and Ambassador to the Vatican

Ray Flynn and Pope Ray Flynn and Pope and Bill Clinton

Ray Flynn is the former Mayor of Boston and Ambassador to the Vatican, and one of the most respected and trusted voices of the Catholic faith.

Ray is also an accomplished public speaker, best-selling author and popular television personality.

A decorated athlete, Ray (an Academic All-American basketball player at Providence College) was selected as the MVP of the NIT tournament (63′) and later had his jersey retired. He has also participated in over 30 marathons.

At the end of the day, perhaps Ray’s most proud accomplishment is having raised a wonderful family (6 children and 17 grandchildren) with his beloved wife, Kathy.

“As the former Ambassador to the Pope and Mayor of Boston, slowing down has never been an option…and because of IGF-1, I haven’t had to!

I look and feel better and highly recommend IGF-1 by Nutronics Labs.

Thank you, Dr. Lentini and Nutronics Labs!”


Ray Flynn

Dwane Antonio – Singer/Entertainer from the Caribbean

As an international entertainer, it is important for me to keep up with my physical appearance and overall health. Those attributes contribute to longer lasting energy while performing and good stage presence. My physical appearance lacked from being overweight, which in turn effected my energy while performing. I fought with both for many years. This fight caused me to lose out on booking for shows, sponsorships and photo shoots.

I looked for a solution for years. Then I heard the buzz about Nutronics Labs IGF-1 Plus and its positive impact to ones health and its effectiveness on fat loss. I took the Nutronics IGF-1 Plus Maximum formula, and the search for a solution came to a halt. I was tipping the scale at an overweight 200lbs and with the assistance of IGF-1 Plus Max, I achieved a long life time goal of a lean 178lbs in 6wks.

It melted the fat off me and increased my lean mass. I thank Nutronics Labs IGF-1 Plus for the positive impact it has made to my career, my physical appearance and overall health. Nutronics Labs IGF-1 Plus Maximum is officially a permanent member of my team!

Scott Dombrowski

I just wanted to let you know that April 29, 2011 I was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. I just recently, finished my chemo therapy after a 2 year regimen. I have stayed very active though out the 2 years but the drugs were very difficult to tolerate at times. My love is Cycling, I have raced at a high level for many years. I started using the product to help me regain my strength. I have been using the Nutronics IGF-1 for 2 months and my endurance and energy have improved dramatically. I look forward to the continued use and the gains that IGF-1 provides. I appreciate your support.

Scott Dombrowski
Hudsonville, MI

Earl Christy – Super Bowl Champ

Earl Christy

Earl Christy, member of the New York Jets Super Bowl III World Championship Team added, “Since I began using IGF-1Plus, I have lost 30 pounds and have succeeded in losing body fat and building leaner muscle.

“I feel healthier, and far more energetic.”

From our Marines in Afghanistan

Marines Group Photo Bombing Dedication Trousdale Fulmer

Good Afternoon,

Well it’s been a little bit since I last talked to you Dr. Lentini so I thought I would send you an email just to say hello, fill you in on how things are going out here, and see how everything is on your side of the world. Out here is all the same, its hot during the day, a little chilly at night and dusty all the time. Without breaching OPSEC I can tell you that our mission is going somewhat smooth and morale is at an all time high. We have a lot of moving parts and long days but at the end of every day the guys and myself are ready to attack the gym and get some well deserved rest just so we can wake up and do it all over again. Cpl Trousdale and myself have made great progress in spreading the good word on IGF and have a lot of Marines, Soldiers, and Airmen, all coming back saying they are surprised with how effective IGF has been in not only their lifting but everyday work and play. OORAH to IGF! As for me, well I am just as pleased as everyone else, but more so that I’ve had the opportunity to communicate with you directly, it’s been a great pleasure. Semper Fidelis.

Respectfully sent,

Cpl William C Fulmer

MMCM(SS) Kerry Meng


I had my knee replaced 3 years ago due to arthritis and the arthritis has started in my other knee. I started taking the IGF-1 25,000 ngs and the arthritis pain went away totally when I started taking your product. My mobility on the basketball court has improved dramatically as I also referee basketball and football. I have been in the Navy for 27.5 years and I would recommend your product to everyone.

Thanks for all you do for our Military.

MMCM(SS) Kerry Meng
Command Master Chief Historic Ship Nautilus

Bobby Martin (ESPY & ARETE Award Winner)

Bobby Martin

Bobby Martin (ESPY & Arete Award winner) was born with a condition “Caudal Regression Syndrome” that left him with no legs.

Despite his condition and using no prosthetics, Bobby went on to receive critical acclaim for his athletic (nose-tackle) accomplishments on the high school (Dayton, OH) and semi-pro gridiron (Cleveland, OH).

Continuing to pursue his dream of playing professional football, Bobby was given a private tryout by the Cleveland Gladiators (Arena League).

Though impressive, Bobby realized that in order to reach his ultimate goal and compete with the world’s most elite players, he must somehow step it up a notch…and that’s exactly what he’s done.

Using IGF-1, Bobby has increased his strength, size and stamina…and is currently preparing to work out for several pro teams (NFL/AFL/CFL) this summer.

Should Bobby be successful in his quest against able-bodied competitors, it would be an unprecedented accomplishment in professional sports history.

“IGF-1 has helped me increase my strength, size and stamina…and perhaps most importantly, my confidence. I am now ready to compete in the sport that I love at the highest professional level.

Thank you, Dr. Lentini for believing in me…I’m going to “Make it Count.” “

-Bobby Martin #99

Anthony Burruto

Anthony Burruto, a double leg amputee (due to no tibia and fibula at birth), has never looked for sympathy, but rather opportunity. Anthony first made national headlines (cover of ESPN Magazine) for his baseball skills (hitting and pitching) while using prosthetic legs.

In May of 2013, Anthony once again made national headlines…this time for breaking the American Teenage (16-17) Unequipped/Raw Bench Press record with a lift of  305 pounds.

 IGF-1 has helped me lose weight and gain strength.  My goal is to break the world record in the Bench Press…and I am confident that with hard work and using IGF-1, I will do so.   

 Thank you Dr. Lentini for your support!

– Anthony Burruto

Jimmy Nickerson (Hollywood Stunt Man and Director)

Jimmy Nickerson Jimmy Nickerson & Rick Lentini

Dear Rick Lentini:

As you know I’ve been a Hollywood stuntman and director for over 30 years and during my stunt man career I have accumulated many injuries along with aches, pains and arthritis. Since I’ve been taking your IGF-1 product, my arthritis is 100% better and I’ve forgotten about my injuries. This product is truly amazing and has worked wonders for me. I also appreciate the sleep miracle as it helps me get a good nights sleep and feel great in the morning.

Thanks again!

Jimmy Nickerson


Bradley Aubry
Owner of Versafit Wellness

I am a Musclemania Natural pro bodybuilder and the Owner of Versafit Wellness – Center for Optimal Functioning and Well-being. I believe that supplements are an integrated part of any formula to optimize well-being, enhance health, vitality, and longevity. Nutronics Labs IGF-1 Plus is that Supplement that offers Various Benefits to your health and optimizes human functions. I personally had the privilege of experiencing a physical transformation and many health benefits in a short amount of time of using this product. As a Natural Pro Bodybuilder and Wellness Practitioner, I have experimented with an array of supplements to test its effectiveness. Personally, No Supplement can match the Benefits and Results Achieved by Nutronics Labs IGF-1 Plus. For those interested in achieving Fat Loss, Muscle Density, Anti-Aging Effects, and many other benefits Need to Add IGF-1 Plus to their daily regimen. IGF-1 Plus will be promoted at my clinic to assist many patients on achieving corrective, preventive, and maintenance care. I will continue to endorse this product with a 100% confidence of its listed benefits.

Thank you Nutronics Labs, for the creation of a High-Grade Supplement that Impacts the Human Body with so Many Positive Benefits. IGF-1 Plus is One Product that I will take for the rest of my life.

Sincerely yours,


Michael Morabe

Michael Borabe

My name is Michael Morabe and I’ve been an avid and addict of sand and indoor volleyball. I’m 27 years old and after getting back into volleyball 2 years ago, I realized I needed to lose weight. I just played more and more, shedding weight pretty rapidly, but after I lost about 35-40 pounds, I couldn’t do much more without starting to diet. The added problem was my recovery after playing so much during a week whether it be pick up or tournaments.

My knee also started to hurt as well as acquiring plantar fasciitis and I couldn’t figure out how to keep myself from hurting until a co-worker told me about Velvet Deer Antler from the sports news. He showed me your site and as a pure skeptic, ordered my 10,000ng of IGF-1. After the FIRST WEEK, I noticed that my plantar fasciitis had practically gone away WITHOUT wearing night splints, my knee had stopped inflaming, and no longer needed a full on brace (as seen in the picture).

I’ve started to lose even more weight (48 pounds total now), and realized that I’m starting to get really lean WITHOUT working out! This is an AMAZING product and I will continue to use it as long as these results only get better!

Greg Edmunds/Iowa

Earlier this year, March & April, I purchased a total of 2 bottles of Nutronics Lab’s Starter spray. A tad bit about me- I have a Bachelors in Psychology and a PhD. in life as though to speak. I do much research on many different topics, all the way down to these new (terrible research chemicals) that are starting to negatively affecting our society. Yes, I am a recovering addict and work with them by the way, so I know much about the brain and it’s physiological aspects. No, I am not a doctor though.

On to the Deer Antler Spray and it’s positive effects this has had on my wife and I. Starting with me- In 2005 I had a titanium cage put into my L4-L5 lumbar region. My left leg was always numb and slept very little until a great neurosurgeon repaired it. Then 1 day I was on my 2 mile walk, and all of a sudden I felt this horrible left side pain. By that night my son, who was 16 at the time, said that my left side was all swelled up. It was hell all over again for me. I went to many doctors, stopped many in the halls of the University of Iowa Hospitals and asked if they could give me a tell. Of course none of them knew either. I was on hydrocodone for 4 years and also put on Lyrica. After hearing about Ray Lewis making this remarkable comeback from his tricep injury, which was really damaged and at his age should have retired, he came back for the playoffs. This blew me away because I also know much about sports injuries being I am an ex athlete, I still coach baseball, and I have a son who is in college and is looking forward to the MLB if it is in the cards for him- it is but he needs this college for the maturing process.

This led me to making that first purchase of Deer Antler Spray. I am not on those awful doctor narcotics anymore, and my left side pain is gone Totally! I wish that I could send a picture of my side because the swelling is there, not as much as it used to be though, and absolutely No pain! I have the ‘skinny complex’, and when I started this program I was 6′ 1″ and 137.5 pounds. My mean (average weight) is 175. I am back up to 165 being as we just received our second order recently; it doesn’t take long for my 1,000 mph metabolism to slow down due to this Antler Spray.
Three things I can’t stand- 1. Drama 2. Lying & BS. This story is Real and if they let me send pictures showing my side and me now doing pull ups and side intercostal work, which there was No way that I could do this before the mail person came , I will darn sure show people that this is REAL! It Works!

My wife uses the same dose and the Starter I should say actually. Anyways, She was quite chunky but not fat by American standards. One day she came up to me and showed me her thigh area up towards her private area. It as like her fat was literally melting away and it looked like a skin spider web, if you can even try to imagine that. She lost weight on it; about 15 lbs. in 8 weeks. We do exercise with a Bowflex and walk 2 miles every other day- when the kids do not have loads of confusing homework.

We just joined the 90 day Auto Ship Program, so she and I could both have our own bottle for a change. Plus the price is unbeatable. As far as customer service goes here- they take weekends off (get over it, they need time off too ) ), and they ship fast and we are very happy at least. If you are very curious and want to give this company a shot do Not be afraid to. Peace… Many Kudos to the doctors and other staff at Nutronics Labs USA. We’ll be back for sure!

Julianne L./Malibu California

I’m a 43 year old female. I’ve been taking the IGF-1 Plus 10, 000ng for approximately 2 months. My skin has never looked smoother. Fine lines disappeared and my energy has returned. This product is amazing! I would recommend this product to anyone out there young or old.

R. L. Alexander, PH.D., MD- San Diego, California

“The biochemistry behind the ingredients in IGF-1 Plus™® is sound and extensive. The emerging documented cardiovascular cellular research should certainly justify, to western scientists, centuries of ancient and modern Chinese medicinal usage….

Lisa, Ohio

My name is Lisa and I am a school teacher in Ohio. I am 37 years old and since taking the IGF-1 Plus I have been able to keep up with my 3rd graders. I feel great! People are even telling me I have spring in my step again. Thanks Nutronics Labs!

V. James De Franco, MD – Perrysburg, Ohio

“The IGF-1 Plus™® as a natural food supplement …will be capable of fulfilling dreams…and create a sense of hopefulness in those patients who are considered hopeless by conventional medicine…A truly amazing product with absolutely no adverse reactions.”

Edith M. Barr

“I would like to thank you and your scientists for developing IGF-1. I am a 74 year old post Polio survivor, and IGF-1 has given me more relief and benefits than any product I have tried. IGF-1 is wonderful, it has improved my mobility and given me pain relief like no other product. I also have high sugar that used to range from 180-210, now my sugar is steady at 130. Along with stabilizing my sugar, IGF-1 has also lowered my blood pressure. As an experiment I went off IGF-1 for one month to see if it was doing all this good for me. My pain and loss of mobility returned until I began to use IGF-1 again.

IGF-1 is truly a wonderful product, thank you for developing this miracle worker!”

William Gucciardo

My name is William Gucciardo. I am fifty-four years old and have been exercising and taking nutritional supplementation for many years. I was recently introduced to IGF-1, and have been taking it for three weeks. Although I have been working out six days a week for the past several years, I have recently noticed an increase in upper body muscle tone and overall strength and endurance. I have also noticed that minor stiffness that I daily experienced upon arising in the morning is gone. My body feels stronger with an overall feeling of well being. I can only attribute these changes to the addition of IGF-1 to my supplementation program, as this is the only change that I have recently made.

I do not know what further benefits I will receive from taking IGF-1 daily. If you are willing to try something new with the possibility of improving your health and well being, I would recommend trying this product.

Lori., New York City

I am a 52 years old from New York City. I have been taking anti-depressants and sleeping pills for many years. Since my husband and I started taking IGF-1 and the sleep miracle product, I was able to stop the anti-depressants and also thanks to the sleep miracle I am able to get a great nights rest without sleeping pills. Not to mention, both our libidos have been fantastic! WOW! We feel like newly weds again.

Nadine S., Pennsylvania

I am a 68 year old grandmother of four. My friend introduced me to this wonderful product from Nutronics Labs, called IGF-1. I have been taking it for three months now and I have never felt better in my life! I am able to play with my grandchildren without getting tired and my arthritis pain has seemed to diminish completely. This product truly is a miracle! I will never go without it. I have told all my friends and they are also spraying IGF-1 now. We are your biggest fan club.

Fred Sciarra

My name is Freddie and I’m 58 years old. About a year ago I joined a health club and began exercising. It made me a lot better physically. A few short months ago another member of the club I belong to introduced me to this wonderful product that you spray under your tongue. It’s called IGF-1 Plus™ lipospray. Years ago I had surgery on the rotator cuff of my right shoulder. Recently I started getting that same familiar pain in my left shoulder. It was difficult, if not impossible, to get a good nights sleep. The pain I was experiencing would wake me up in the middle of the night (usually 2 or more times/night). I would sleep for at least 11 or 12 hours a night. However, within a week or so after I started using IGF-1, I noticed that I wasn’t suffering in pain from my shoulder nearly as much as I had been. I also started noticing that the number of hours I was sleeping at night was steadily decreasing, but amazingly I felt better rested. Also before using this spray, I could not keep up with my wife when we would go out for walks. Now I keep up with her and it doesn’t fee like I’m trying any harder!

I now only sleep 6 hours a night, feel better rested, and my shoulder has been getting stronger and rarely ever gives me trouble. I did however make the mistake of running out of my IGF-1 once. Slowly that excruciating pain was coming back and I started sleeping longer. Believe me, I’m now stocked up on it and hope I never run out again! Oh, one other improvement I’ve noticed is in my hearing. Before I would be constantly asking people to repeat themselves, which I rarely do anymore (and I don’t think it’s a coincidence)! Thank you!

Joe Kasallis

Finding the time to workout if often the biggest challenge that I have, which I’m sure a lot of you can relate to. Some weeks it’s easier to find the time than others. The problem with that is on those weeks it’s nearly impossibly to find that time, my body tends to lose what I’ve gained in the weeks that I do find the time. But that’s changed recently since I’ve started using this new supplement. It’s called IGF-1 Plus™ Formula. Since I’ve been taking IGF-1, it has been quite evident that its had a positive effect on my exercising. I feel strength and stamina that I’ve never felt before. Also my pump seems to be more phenomenal than ever! My strength has steadily increased over the six months that I’ve been spraying this under my tongue as directed daily. What’s been extremely impressive is those weeks in which I come back when I’ve been unable to workout for a week or more. I simply don’t lose what I’ve accomplished like I had before. It was almost like starting back at square on before I started using IGF-1, but now it’s like I can pick up right where I left off before!

Another thing that I’d like to mention about this formula is that I feel it’s really helped my memory and my stress level. That’s a welcomed added bonus which I hadn’t counted on.

Just to put this all in terms anyone can understand, let me say this… I would take this IGF-1 for simply the results I’ve been able to achieve and maintain in the gym. But add to that how it’s helped my mind, memory, and stress level, I can honestly say that you couldn’t pay me to stop taking it!!

Rich Patterson

I was first introduced to and started using IGF-1 Plus™ in July of 1999. I made it part of my daily regiment originally to increase my stamina and build my muscles while burning body fat at the same time (which I was informed this would help me accomplish). I am 35 years old and exercise for about an hour or so at a time, 3 to 4 times a week. It is now the end of February 2000 and I’m extremely impressed at the results! People have commented on my appearance and I have been reaching new heights in the gym that I though were only obtainable by using drugs like steroids (which I never considered taking due to the unwanted side effects). However IGF-1 has not only increased my strength and endurance, but has given me much more in ways that I had not anticipated!

For instance, the person who shared this with me had no idea that I have arthritis. I would wake up in the morning and my joints would ache severely (especially my wrists and elbows) until eleven o’clock or noon. Now, although it took me a few weeks to start really noticing my improvements in the gym, it didn’t take but 3 or 4o days for me to take notice of the fact that my morning arthritis pains were completely gone. The only time the pain has come back is when I ran out of the spray and couldn’t get a hold of any for a couple of weeks because I was out of town vacationing in Florida. Now I try to have at least a couple extra bottles on hand!

Also, my hair stylist of 17 years had noticed that I had lost a significant amount of gray on my head and asked if I was coloring my hair. I’ll make sure I never run out of this amazing formula again!!!

Lee Shavers

I am a cancer survivor from 1993. I started using IGF-1 in October 2001. The Cancer I has in ’93 had a 0 survivor rate, but through God, nutrition and supplements I healed. Still, I was left with intense pain, chronic fatigue, and other damage done by the cancer.

IGF-1 is now one supplement I will not do without, no way, period. IGF-1 has virtually helped me rebuild my body from the vast cancer induced damage. I am now not only pain free, I am also surfing at 46 years young with the teenagers and physically can not be held back. I have increased lean muscle mass, the silver in my hair has disappeared and my vision has returned to full focus. I more than highly recommend IGF-1 to everyone wishing to be youthful in body and mind. Thank you and congratulations on the most important find in our century.

Lynn Hankins

Being a former collegiate athlete, I’m no stranger to working out. When a former teammate of mine started talking about this new, state of the art, health product and the effects he was getting from it, it peaked my interest needless to say. I remember him continually saying that I’d have to try it to believe what it does for you. Wow, I must now say that I know what he means (and then some)!

First of all, this IGF-1 Plus™ Formula did have some impressive results for me in my workouts. It’s not only helped my strength, but it seems that I especially notice a difference in my joints and my recovery time. Since I lift with heavy weights, my joints used to ache after working out, but they no longer do! My endurance also has really improved as well. I’ve actually doubled the time and distance that I was doing before (and I’ve only been on it for a little over a month)!

An unexpected (but much welcomed) improvement that has been incredible is in how clearly I’ve been able to think and I feel very little stress anymore. It almost like someone put a micro-computer chip in my brain that makes it work much more efficiently without trying nearly as hard. It’s one of those things that you have to try to really believe it (trust me, it has done much more than I expected it to).

I look forward to turning a friend of mine on to it, since he’s a personal trainer and trains professional athletes! Thanks, Dr. Duarte. I plan to use your IGF-1 Plus™ from now on, and will stock up so I don’t run out!

Chester Kolendo

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for IGF-1. I am 54 years old and until now I have suffered with chronic fatigue, depression and insomnia. After being on IGF-1 for less than 1 month, my energy levels are back up and improving more everyday. I once took 3 naps per day just to function, I do not need naps anymore. I once needed prescription sleeps aids, now I sleep all night long without medication, thanks to IGF-1. It is hard to put into words all that IGF-1 is doing for me, so I will just say I feel like a new man with vitality that I have not felt in 25 years.

Jackie Bernat

I can remember when my supplier first explained to me how I could benefit by spraying this IGF-1 Plus™ Formula under my tongue three times a day. Since I’ve known this person for many years and trusted him, I said that I’d give it a try.

Just before that my doctor had diagnosed me with a herniated disc in my back and said that there was a good chance that I may require surgery in the near future. SO I was taking muscle relaxes and pain killers that were prescribed to me. My doctor said to see how they work and see how much pain I could bear. Well, it was shortly after that I started regularly using this formula as directed on a daily basis.

I had, within a week, noticed significant improvement with my back, but thought that was due to my prescribed medication. In the meantime, my supplier for this IGF-1 Plus™ Formula would call me each week and ask if I was feeling any positive effects from it yet. I really wasn’t sure if I’d continue using this spray. He said that it might take me longer (a couple of months) to start feeling “it”, since I am fairly inactive, am in my “upper 50′s” age wise, and do not exercise at all.

So I let my supply run out and did not reorder. About a week later my back pain came back it was even more severe this time. It was so bad that I had to take a week off work. Then I put 2 and 2 together and decided to try this “spray” again. Boy, am I glad I did! In less than a week of taking “The Formula”, my pain was completely gone! I’ve decided to stock up on IGF-1 Plus™ Anti-Aging Formula and plan to never run out of it again! Thank you!

Gerry Bushkovski – Chicago, IL

Gerry Bushkovski

I began using IGF-1 about 8 weeks before my last bodybuilding competition. My boyfriend was training for the same show and was also using it. He introduced it to me.

The results I had were amazing. I succeeded in losing the body fat that I wanted to lose, but retained the muscle that I had worked so hard to gain. Two years ago I was competing and winning at 119. This past May, I competed at 125. That’s a 6 pound difference, which doesn’t sound like much, but when you take into consideration that it was a 6 pound difference in *muscle* — that’s a huge difference, especially for a woman. And I credit IGF-1 for aiding me in my quest to retain lean tissue while losing body fat.

My energy levels definitely stayed higher for the contest in May than for any other competition I had trained for. This is key considering I go through a 16-week contest prep/diet period. Maintaining the necessary energy levels over those 16 weeks can be difficult, if not impossible. During this time, the only supplemental difference I had between this contest and the last one was that I was using IGF-1.

But I think one of the most important things about this particular product is that it helped keep me interested in my boyfriend on an intimate level. Training for a bodybuilding show takes a lot out of a person, and often the intimacy in a relationship is sacrificed. This past contest I maintained a higher libido and kept my boyfriend — and myself — much happier in the bedroom! Not to mention it helped relieve some of the stress and tension that training for a bodybuilding show can create. So, I truly believe that IGF-1 helped me in my contest preparation last May. Attached are some pictures taken during this period. The picture in the bikini was taken the day of the contest. The other pictures were taken about 5 weeks before the show.


Gerri Bushkovski

John Clark – Chicago, Illinois

John Clark

I’m writing this letter to tell you the magnificent progress that I’ve made from taking IGF-1 Plus™. First of all, let me say that I was a bit of a skeptic at first until I noticed some positive results. My energy level “picked up” considerably as I was getting ready for a bodybuilding contest. The reason that I could tell that IGF-1 Plus™ was the difference was that I continued taking the same supplements I was already taking (and hadn’t seen any changes to my body). I simply added IGF-1 Plus™ to my daily regiment, 3 to 4 sprays, 4 times/day (which was a little more than directed). But I did it anyway to see what could happen. Now remember, I was still competing in a National level contest in a couple of months so it was urgent that I see some results kind of fast. Initially, I wasn’t sure I would see any difference at all (just adding one more supplement). However….

My workouts became more and more incredible. Meaning, I began lifting remarkable amounts of weight! For instance, my bench increased 115 more pounds! I now can bench 585 lbs on the lying down hammer strength bench press. Also, a grand total of 22 (45 lb) plates on the Icarian leg press. WOW!! In addition, one of the most amazing things about IGF-1 Plus™ is that my lactic acid burn didn’t come til the very end of my workout!! In closing, I would recommend to anyone who’d like to experience incredible results (more than what their regular supplementation has given them) to just add this to your regiment for one month and see what happens! Try it and I’m confident you’ll see what I’ve seen! Good luck!


John Clark

Head Trainer/ Powerhouse Gym

Chicago, Illinois

Joseph L. Wilson

Yes, I tried IGF-1 Plus for three weeks and the results were amazing!! I purposely maintained my diet and workout routine to see if the IGF-1 Plus™ would add more strength and muscle mass. Guess what? It worked! I checked my body composition after the three-week trial. Although my weight remained the same, my muscle mass in my arms, chest, and legs increased by an inch! I have been working out for over two years now and I’ve never (and I mean NEVER) had my muscle mass increase so much in such a short amount of time. The only reasonable and rational conclusion that caused the increase in lean muscle mass was the IGF-1 Plus! In addition, it is so simple to use IGF-1 Plus™. How can you go wrong when all that is required is to use IGF-1 Plus™ twice a day (when you wake up in the morning and when you retire at night for bed). Would I recommend IGF-1 Plus™ to others? Yes, absolutely! To anyone who’d like to see significant improvements in their workouts (for both strength and endurance you can’t lose (especially with the risk free trial). In fact, I’m going to continue to use IGF-1 Plus™ and monitor my diet to get all of the positive benefits of this remarkable product! In closing, I am very appreciative that Jurkus & Associates have brought such a beneficial product as IGF-1 Plus to the market.

New Zealand Journal, Silver Horn Testimonials

In the December 1992 issue of the popular New Zealand journal Silver Horn, there was a story about Joyce doing who had suffered from arthritis for a number of years and who found it difficult to knock on someone’s door because of the pain it caused. Now, Joyce can knock down your door, after taking Velvet Deer Antler for two years. As she puts it: “I couldn’t even close my right hand to make a fist before, but now I have no difficulty in doing so. I’m 62 years old. I’ve always taken vitamins, but once I started taking the velvet, the swelling and pain in my hands subsided. It’s a miracle!”
The same article also featured the story of Shelly Thomson, who had been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. During the two years that Shelly has been taking Velvet Deer Antler, she has not suffered a single multiple sclerosis attack. In fact, she’s playing squash as well as rearing two young children. According to Shelly: “It’s not a cure by any means, but by taking antler regularly, I’ve certainly reduced the aches and pains and I have heaps more energy.”

L. Brake, age 56, of Wichita, Kansas says that: “I believe your antler product has helped to lower my blood pressure…! I also enjoy sexual enhancement benefits as a side effect. I think anyone can benefit from velvet deer antler!”

S. Wintersteen, age 27, from Gary, IL says: “I am involved in playing and coaching many sports while trying to get in four solid weight workouts every week . . . Velvet Deer Antler has increased my energy levels and workout capacity and I truly believe it prevents my body from breaking down…”

According to E. Downey, age 35, from Anchorage, Alaska: “Initially, I started using antler to increase my energy levels; this it does. But I’ve also noticed that I am able to maintain an erection after I ejaculate, which is something I haven’t been able to do for a long time. Antler definitely builds endurance, you know, that staying power!”

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